Samsung 50" 4K 120HZ Smart Quad Core

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Samsung 50" 4K 120HZ Smart Quad Core
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Why is Samsung UHD tv’s cheap? Because Samsung SUDH is better it’s future proof (for now)

Great Reviews over at Best Buy

There was a 60inch same everything for the same price a week or two ago.

Can anyone tell if it does HDMI 2.0? Older HDMI standards won’t provide 4K resolution above 30Hz.

Samsung is pretty cagey about whether they support HDCP 2.2 on any or all HDMI connections. (See that information in the specs here, for example?) If they don’t support it properly, you won’t be able to run most 4K movie content at 4K, because the HDCP anti-piracy encoding won’t let you. That’s true of UHD streaming too.

My advice: avoid 4K for a year or two, until everybody’s honest, forthcoming, and making equipment on which all 4K content will play at 4K. Otherwise, these halfway-there devices will just yield annoyance and additional expense.

This TV is not true 120HZ, all of their 6 series models are 60HZ with a simulated 120 (which they call Motion Rate 120). Models 7100 and above have Motion Rate 240 which is 120HZ.


to my disappointment, they just skewed the image, good job woot, got my hopes up, this isn’t even a good deal unless it was ultrawide.

I second this. Here’s a site I found which clears up manufacturer BS for refresh rates.

On the subject of refresh rates, I’m pretty sure you can’t put “Hz” in the title for this product.

It’s “Motion Rate 120”- lacking the unit precisely so they can get away with crap like this.

[MOD: You’re correct. We’ve fixed the title. ]

This is awesome!

Not sure this is really a deal as you can get the js7000 for $50 more at Best Buy right now. It’s the JS instead of the JU and the 7000 instead of the 6500… Someone explain why you wouldn’t want the model newer and one step up for 50 bucks?

1.) Everyone saying it is 60HZ and not 120HZ—all intended deception by Samsung terminology “Clear motion 120”—is absolutely correct. This is a 60HZ television. Nowhere on the specs is it indicated, and I find it disturbing woot would list it at as “HZ” in the title. This is false advertising in its purest form.

2.) There are way better deals to be had right now anywhere in the 55-65" range. Check Amazon. Check Dell. Check BestBuy.

3.) People saying “wait on 4K” have never actually seen one, at least have not seen running a true 4K source. They are night and day. It’s definitely worth it to get one now. The so-called ‘expert’ opinion tells you 1080p and 4K will look the same to the naked eye, so 4K therefore is just not worth it—that’s a simple biological matter, right? One problem, your eyes don’t lie—go and see for yourself. The picture is insane. I own one and all my friends are amazed when they see it. All I’m doing is streaming Netflix, so it’s not like I have some elaborate setup. This one has me a bit baffled. I own a Vizio P602u (60") and sit over 12 feet away and believe me the difference is very very apparent.

BH Cheaper for those that live in ill-a-noize.

I’m going to hold off until the OLED 65" 4k is under 1K. Until then,I’ll keep watching my trusty $800 65" Mitsu DLP.

Waiting for lower priced HDR. Pass.

Yes, I know for a fact that this TV has HDMI 2.0 and supports 4:4:4 color spacing at 60 frames in 4k. This is a great deal for this TV.

$750 is a good deal…but keep in mind, this has a 60hz refresh rate. The “motion rate” is a BS figure which “multiplies” the processing x refresh rate (how do you come up with a number signifying how good the processing is? You can’t). Still a very good price for a decent 4k set though.

You should be able to find the UN50JS7000 on sale this Black Friday weekend for $799 just about everywhere. That model does support HDR, and has the “nanocrystal color” (significantly enhanced color gamut) as well!

Here is amazons link: