Samsung 8-Ch 1080p Security Camera System

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Samsung 8-Ch 1080p Security Camera System
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I wasn’t aware you could drive 1080p over coax. I’d buy this if it were POE/cat-5 cabled!

Avoid this system. There is a reason this is showing up on Woot. This is one of those systems that has always had problem and Samsung support is useless. You will spend WEEKS trying to get anyone from customer service to help you, and they will rush you off the phone. You will get the run around forever and will be forced to find a way to return the product. AVOID THIS & SAMSUNG CAMERA SYSTEMS.

Generic versions can be had on ebay for $125. The price on these cctv systems are getting to be rediculously cheap. These cheaper system obviously are not what professionals use for serious security needs. These are good to scare shoplifters and monitor your employees from remote locates. They have a good use. It all depends on what your needs are. I would not hesitate to buy Samsung, despite other comments about customer service.

Yep, TV antennas use Coax and support 1080p
Cable companies uses coax as well, it may not be coax from your cable box to you TV but it coax to your house

Plus this uses BNC, not coax