Samsung HW-Q67CT Dolby Digital 7.1 Theater System

Samsung HW-Q67CT Dolby Digital 7.1 Theater System

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You are not going to sell many of these with them being listed in the vacuum cleaner section. Shouldn’t they be moved to electronics?


Thanks for catching that! Got it fixed :wink:

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where does this item fall under woot!'s return policy?


You post this as 7.1 but the specs clearly state it is 5.1


Is this 5.1 or or 7.1?

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Hi, it’s the 7.1.

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hello, I own this and this is definitely not 7.1


Hello, I own this. Its a great system but its not 7.1. Its only 5.1.

The title of this system is not true. I dont know how samsung got away with calling this a 7.1 system. The OP here at woot doesnt realize this.

This system can only read Dolby Digital and DTS audio outputs. It does not read Dolby Digital Plus or DTS:X.

Dolby Digital and DTS only output audio to 5.1. Dolby digital Plus and DTS:X can output audio in 7.1.

Actually, It tries to artificially simulate extra “2 channels” from a 5.1 source by creating synthetic surround sound effects but the sound is not native to the source.

If you try to input 7.1 audio into this system it will leave out the extra 2 channels of audio.

I’ve done extensive tests on this system but you dont have to take my word for it. All this information is in the manual.

Dont get me wrong, this is a very nice 5.1 system. Its convenient to setup and its loud and clear and the subwoofer is very striking… but make no mistake, this is not a 7.1 system…


Hi there. I looked through the manual and see that it says it’s 7.1 if you add the rear speak kit which we include.


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@thunderthighs Look at the “input” column. It does not allow for 7.1 input. Only 5.1. Those extra 2 channels are artificially recreated effects. Those 2 extra channels that it artificially recreates are not native to the audio source.

If u play a Blu-ray movie that has more than 5.1 channels, those extra channels that get sent to the sound bar get cut off. the audio is down-mixed to 5.1. The soundbar then creates some artificial effects to simulate 2 extra channels. Those artificial effects were never in the original Blu-ray movie.

Also, Like I mentioned earlier, it only supports Dolby digital and DTS. It does not support Dolby digital plus or DTS:X. Please google Dolby digital vs Dolby digital plus. Or google DTS vs DTS:X. You will see my point.

That page u posted from the Manual to argue back at me actually proves my point and that’s the actual page I was referring to when I mentioned the Manual says it’s a 5.1 system and not a true 7.1 system.

And I don’t mean to talk down on you, but I’ve done extensive research on this product. I’ve tested it with all types of channel outputs.

The rear wireless speakers output channels 4 and 5. The sound bar speakers output channels 1,2, and 3. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT PLAY CHANNELS 6 and 7 of any audio source.

Again sorry to sound rude but customers should know the truth. It’s a great sounding system. It plays 5.1 audio very well. I still recommend buying it… But a 7.1 system? It is not…


Thanks for the explanation. We do have to list it according to Samsung’s information though and they do call it a 7.1ch system.



But the front bar usually has 3 speakers, center, front right, front left, the back are back right and back left. That is five, then the sub woofer is .1. Where are the other two speakers (the sides)?