Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Syrah 3 Liter

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Syrah 3 Liter
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2011 Scott Harvey Syrah, Mountain Selection, Amador County, 3 liter

Scott Harvey’s Syrah is consistently one of my favorites, one of my favorite Syrahs, and one of my favorite Scott Harvey wines. It’s extremely versatile, pairing nicely with many kinds of food. This 2011 has enough lovely fruit to drink right away, and enough staying power, especially in the 3L format, to last well for at least a few years.

A 3 liter bottle of Scott Harvey Syrah? Now that is a bottle I would love to have show up with a golden ticket attached.

In the immortal words of Steven Tyler, “Dream on.”

I am guessing that this won’t fit in my car’s cupholder.

Hi Everyone,
Always great to be back on Woot. This 2011 Syrah was produced more like a French southern Rhone. Therefore, I did a whole lot of 3 liters for long age-ability. The 3 liter should easily be a 20 to 25 year wine. So a good one for those of you that have a child born in 2011. Be a great wine to open when they turn 21 or for their wedding.
The Golden ticket was WineDrew’s idea and it was a lot of fun the first time we did it. We tried to do it again the last time we did the mystery case, but the Amazon legal people put the kabash on it.

Import, no way. Chevy, maybe.


Perhaps a silly question. Do large bottles like this have to be stored on their side or can they be upright?

It will likely fit in my F-150

Can you fit a 7-11 Doublegulp?

The same issues that apply to corks in a 750 also apply to larger format bottles; on the side.

Scott, did you discontinue your permit for Washington?

The cork needs to stay wet. So on their side.

Not sure. Call the winery, if your state is on the no ship list. We’ll always take care of you with the same deal. 707 968-9575. Ask for Carla or Jana.

We pressed of two tanks of Zinfandel this morning and am now crushing the Mt. Selection Syrah from York Vineyard in Fiddletown. The same vineyard that made this 2011 3 Liter Syrah. Looks like it will be a long night.