Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape


plz no no no

Is it over this time?!

oh no, the end is near?

ug…already have three of these

This is the same monkey, same cape…sigh

aww… :frowning:

Boo for rerun monkeys!!

Already have these in the collection - boo!

tanks for nuttin noonan

Somebody leave the lights on?

I got 3 :slight_smile: Thank you Woot!

I think I would call this a bag-of-crap, but I guess I wouldn’t technically be right.

gotta stop wasting my time.

In for one, will make a nice/random stocking stuffer for a fellow wooter.

The fat lady has sung

Aaaaannnndddd we’re done. G’nite folks.

2 bucks each

for a rerun


another fake out?