Screaming Woot Monkey - Your Choice

dead wootoff?

Okay, let the “We Have Seen The End” pix commence.

We would like some new woot monkeys, PLEASE. These puppies have been recycled since CES in January.


I won the bet here at home. I said the monkeys will be repeats.


Oh wow.

I will let the staff know.
Thanks for the post :smiley:

Too bad we can’t see the grey monkey.

Oh NO, not again!!!

That was my favorite game !
I’m sad for the game to end. But it’s for the best, now I can get some stuff done around here !


Dear Woot-Off! Devils and angels,

please please please put this item back up now that I found my credit card!

I shall make the virgin monkey sacrifice soon! (kidding!)

no shirt sale this time around? maybe I missed it

Thanks. Haven’t gotten a new monkey since Day 2 of CES -