Sensoro Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector


Nooooooooooooo. Want bag of crap.

Looks more like a roach trap.

Wow! How’d you guess that? :wink:

I had one of these stollen from my car.


Odd shaped radar detector?

you had me going there…

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Brutal but helpful Amazon review

These things work great! I haven’t had a speeding ticket in years! Wait… I don’t speed. Nevermind.

For a second I thought it was another Roomba

Virginia residents, beware: the wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia bans radar detectors. In fact, the cops are reported to have radar detector detectors to catch you with one of these bad boys. :frowning:

This ladies and genitals…is certified crap.

Still illegal in bassackwards VA

Is that the best you can do?

Where’s Nightghost when I need him/her?

puh, speed traps should be illegal. who is with me?

Need one so I can speed home from work during Woot-offs and not miss any deals!! :smiley:

that blows the big one… just wasted 1 hour sitting here waiting for the Bag of Crap and it didnt happen…

maybe tomorrow…