SEPTEMBER CRAPS! Post them here! :w_boc:

That pot looks like it was thrown off the roof of the woot building and then chipped away with a chisel

Did you read the features or look at the pics?? They’re great lights though, huh?

Not sure why it took you nine years to be active here but we’re glad to have you.

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OH FFS I did too!

IT LITERALLY SAYS APP CRAP. I call foul on this. No wonder it’s only 16 OZ.

“CRAP” WITH THE WOOT OFF LIGHT ONLY MEANS ONE THING…I guess apparently not, apparently it also means it could be woot off lights.

This is trashy. I’m far less disappointed in not getting a crap than I am in wasting money on these woot off lights that I already have a half dozen in the closet.

Every Saturday’s appsclusive (5pm CT) is called Weekend App Crap. Has been since i started buying the crap in August of 2018. It’s weird stuff that I buy.


Weird to you, or weird to us?

Any chance that during TTHH’s there could be a sale page with a backlog catalog of any weekend items from the last Woot Off (or TTHH) to the current one?

Even if supplies are limited…

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Woot off light means woot off.
Crap bag means bag of crap.

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Sorry, I am not an obsessive wooter, just a casual wooter. IMHO crap means crap but apparently it doesn’t.

I think the solution to said problem is to uninstall the app.

Tada, no more confusion.

What does light + crap usually mean?

That your dog ate a glow stick?


“Did you read the features or look at the pics??”

I got too excited and jumped the gun! You know how a dog reacts when you ask them if they want a treat? Go for a ride in the car? Go to the park? The price was right and the words “App Crap” registered as “Bag of Crap available only through the app” in my hyper excited pea brain so I bought it as fast as I could (I’ve had absolutely MISERABLE success buying bags in the past, and I really have tried) and was surprised that the purchase went through. NOW as a calm and more reasonable adult, I see where I screwed up. It’s just been a craptacular summer. I’ll get over it.

“They’re great lights though, huh?”

They are quality lights! I just have absolutely no idea what to do with them. I’m thinking that they may have a life this Halloween inside a pumpkin on my porch. I just have to figure out power (I don’t have any outlets outside.)


Battery charger like you use to recharge phones and such. Those are USB.

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My Crap from the puzzle app - it probably did weigh at least 11 pounds!


1 Poop emoji squish
1 Dirty socks bag
1 VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 25.00
1 VideoSecu CCTV Surveillance Wall Mount 5.50 was 22.00
1 pack kids hangers 3.97
1 Spray nozzle for hose 10.19
1 23&me ball cap promotional item?
1 container multi-color paper clips10.49
2 Amazon Basic iPhone 7 cases 5.00 to 20.00
1 pack of 2 touch led lights10.99
1 Cake Splat game 5.00-7.00
1 Energy Medicine kit CD DVD cards & a crystal 15.00
1 Heavy Duty Mirror Ball motor ?? at least 24.99

Romeo thought most of it was fine, except the Cake Splat Game,
Also, we don’t need a Mirror Ball Motor
Definitely worth more than 10 bucks
Disappointed there’s not a viewing DVD, just an instructional one!
May actually need the TV mount!


Sail away board game
Shimmer and shine necklace
Poop emoji
Replacement birdies
Blackish season 1
Note 5 case with kickstand
7 iPhone 7 cases
Clear iPhone case
iPhone 6s Plus arm band
2 door stoppers
6 pack of watercolor magic paint
Picture hooks
Sock bag
Logitech keyboard and mouse


Just scored my first digital bag of crap. This will make the third BOC ever scored and was the easiest and non stressful one to score. Can’t wait for it to show up.


First Bag of Chaos rusty pliers,and garden hose sprayer were the highlights, have forgotten the rest.


No jagged pieces of glass? You got cheated.


I got a BOC last weekend by playing the game on the app. This was one of the best BOC’s I have gotten in a very long time. There were very few things I not realize I “needed”

Here’s the list

Bag of RGB LED Strip Light Connectors (will donate to a local school)
Picture hooks (can always use these)
3 2017 page by day calendars (found out the days will match back up in 2023)
One brick NFL figure (always fun to have)
one cold workout towel (spouse took this one)
paper plates (prepared for next party)
poop squishy (will go on my desk at work)
Woot bag (can never have enough of these)
2 USB connectors (will donate to a local school)
1 electrical outlet (going in the tool box)
1 medium salmon polo shirt (a family member took)
multi purpose touch light (can always use these)
2 refrigerator water filters (co-worker paid me for them)
1 cotton shirt with no sleeves (great for wearing when riding my tractor (not really))
Wilton treat boxes
Blackish Season 1 DVD
and the best item in the box…
a wireless keyboard and mouse (which I am using now!)

Thank Woot!


Nice haul!

The edging is a bit scraped up, but the inside was fine. It gives it ahem character.


I am holding out hope for the broken glass and banana peel next time!

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