SEPTEMBER CRAPS! Post them here! :w_boc:

Howdy Wooters!

This here nifty thread is for posting your BOC should you be so unlucky as to get one during the month of SEPTEMBER 2019, including the Woot-Off and Digital Crap games!!

gif courtesy of drgandalf

Remember that you’re promised these things from your BOC:

  • 3 items
  • A bag if we remember to put it in
  • Abject disappointment

If you get more than that, count your blessings or talk to someone about the disappointment that has swallowed up your life.

Order Snafus

You may find that your order got denied or canceled. While this seems totally unfair and you’ll be tempted to complain to anyone that will listen, here’s a few things for your consideration:

  • We will never have enough craps for those wishing to purchase craps.
  • At best, the ratio of people attempting to available craps are 3:1… if you’re lucky. Usually it’s more like 25:1 or more.
  • So many people try that it pushes our servers to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and just crash
  • The servers have been known to crash.

To keep the servers from crashing, we have an order queue. You’ll enter the “Vestibule of Patience” while you wait for your order to be accepted, denied, or canceled. You should not exit the Vestibule to try again because that just puts you at the back of the line.

  • If your order is accepted, then you can brag about your impending disappointment in this here thread and on your social media outlets of choice. :smiley:
  • If your order is denied, it’s nothing personal. It just means that we ran out before your order was processed. It’s our rude way of saying “Sorry!” :cry:
  • If your order was cancelled, you were so, so, so close. So close that your payment went through but gosh darn it, we ran out of BOCs before we assigned one to you. We have to reverse all that work to refund your hard earned money. :angry:

Remember to post what you get!

Now one of the things that makes the Bag of Crap so much darn fun is to see what everyone got. The only way to see what everyone got is if everyone comes back to post what you got. See the trend here?

Taking your crap and running off with just steals the fun from everyone, especially me. So please post what you get.


Since we don’t have quality posts, I promise to like every post sharing a bag of crap. Likes earn you cred points on this new forum. Like are good. I will give likes. :heart:

Cat_BOC%20Gif < Bad!!

So there you have it.

  • Prepare for disappointment
  • Post what you get
  • Earn :heart:

And let the waiting begin

A Poll!

Tell me what you thought of your Bag o’ Crap!
1 (hated it) to 5 (loved it!)

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  • 3
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Isn’t it time to drop the references to quality posts? Reminding us of how awesome the QP’s were just dredges up all those feelings of loss.

I think you just liking my posts makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :swoon:


Next month. Maybe. If I remember.


I’ll gladly remind you.

By the way, don’t forget to clear your calendar for HH later this month.


Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I’ll get my crap tomorrow!


I was wondering if anyone at woot was even alive or if I should have created a September thread. Don’t need to anymore

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Don’t really need to create it until the first people from the Digital Crap game get their BOCs delivered.

Also, I may have forgotten for a bit.


I was just messing with you. I know how busy you are


She works so little, she’s always on the Woot forums. :wink:

(Hopefully I don’t have to explain the joke to anybody.)


11.10lbs, my crappy hopes and dreams are heavy!


Hmm, mine also says it’s 11.10 lbs.

Now how did they come up with THAT for a placeholder?


Mine says 16.00 OZS…

I’m really hoping that’s a place holder, OR a box with a letter?!?!?!? Either way, it’ll be here Thursday!


I also have a 16.00 OZ crap. Pretty crappy.

But…I think woot is sending me a secret message in the reference notations of the UPS tracking. There are four or five different numbers. One of them is 63063929 which corresponds to this stock photo:

COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT! IT’S A SURPRISE!!! Or a crap so bad I should hide my eyes. Either way.


I just got my BOC!! I love it!! All kinds of fun stuff… my favorite is the tikitunes!! I even got some awesome earbuds… and woot poop!!! image|666x500


From my give-away-craps…

Some a bit useful, and the bulk is goodwilling it. Thanks for playing. 7 out of 10 disappointments.

agent of shield 2nd season
blackish first season
fitbit cover
br8hs spark plug
slim iphone 7 case
sleek stopper
mini bags
green bag
galaxy s6 cover
Henry the pug pillow cover
oven mitt
poop emoji
mustard plushie
motor bike luggage mesh
smart box meal prep containers (not refurbed)
garden nozzle


Welp, I bamboozled myself into a true box of disappointment

In my excitement thinking I scored an app BOC, (I rarely use my phone for Woot) I accidentally purchased a set of Woot Off lights in a legit app crap. Hopefully my disappointment hangover from the childlike glee that I managed to score my third BOC in the last 9 years, passes soon.


This was my first bag of crap, I’ve been a member since 2010, not very active until the last few months.

Blackish season 1
A bag that once held Mortimer’s socks (bag)
Logitech keyboard and mouse
Refrigerator water filter (crappier item)
Picture hanging set
Fall cookie cutters
Tap lights
Shimmer and shine necklace
Monster high nameplate builder
Dino construction playset
Squishy poop (crappy item)
2017 Oakland raiders calendar (really crappy item)
And an unsettling amount of phone cases

Overall experience: A++


Pretty happy with my BOC. Hubby is happy with the electric screwdriver. My 8 year old laid claim to the poop emoji and the 15 cell phone cases :rofl:


Snagged one last weekend! My wife brought it inside and complained about how much it weighed (11.10 LBS). However, that quickly subsided when it was opened, as she kept mostly everything.

  • Ladies XL Spyder Fleece Jacket
  • Cuisinart Cast Iron 5.5qt pot
  • Cake Splat (knock off of Pie Face)
  • Picture Hooks
  • Misc iPhone 6/7 cases
  • Bag of Crap Bag

Not pictured (thanks to my son who took them before snagging a picture)

  • Poop Emoji stress ball
  • Push lights

Thanks Woot!


My wife likes to hate on the BOCs too, until they show up and she can’t even wait until I get home to rifle through and scope out all the sweet crap she likes…and then things get real quiet real fast. She is a closet crapper.

To all closet crappers I say: Embrace the crap! Revel in the hunt. Be sustained by the anticipation. Make friends with disappointment.