Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

Have to put this warning every time these come up. This was an ok Woot purchase for me quite some time ago. WiFi will not ever work because the unit is reconditioned. If the previous owner registered it, then you are out. Battery on mine lasted about 3 months, wheel stopped working at 6 months. Just know what you are getting going in.


I want to buy one based on the Jaws reference alone


I bought the 750 several months ago. It does a great job but had a lot of problems. The biggest problem was trying to get the reconditioned to respond to an email or phone call. When the unit works its great.


Ahhh thanks for these comments! I almost hit buy… that price is good and as a disabled person I’ve been trying to find something like this I can afford. That said o can’t afford to drop 100 on something that will only last me a few months and without the WiFi might not be worth it at all since the whole getting up repeatedly defeats the purpose of purchase for me. If my circumstances were different I might give it a go but I’m holding off. Thanks for the heads up :heart::raised_hands: @imstriker @jbognoski


How is this an “…an ok Woot purchase…” if the battery died in 3 months?


I purchased mine a few months ago and it does a great job. It does get stuck into corners sometimes but will usually dig itself out. The included strips to block areas is unsightly but it does get the job done. The biggest issue I’ve had with this is that I hide my SSID. You will not be able to communicate with the unit with the Shark App if you hide your SSID, it has to be broadcasted. Other than that the battery is still working and the parts are all working as expected. For $100 not too bad.

If it doesn’t work up to your expectations, what is the return policy for it?

Purchased my Shark in the last sale here on Woot on Apr 1st for the same price. This is my first robot-vacuum, so take my review with that in mind.
I am very happy with this machine. It has definitely made the floors in my house very clean and dust under beds disappeared. As previous reviewer mentioned, it gets trapped once in a while, so some adjustments of the furniture positioning will be needed. It is slim enough to go under (some) furniture, cabinets and under the bed.
App has many bugs and I had a hard time connecting the vac to WiFi. Still not sure how I did it, but it is not intuitive at all. I tried to submit feedback on the bugs I found and it threw an error… Welp…
Schedule works, but somehow it starts 2 hours before scheduled time and cleaning stops somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. I guess depending when its battery runs out.
Overall very happy with the purchase for the price.

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Hello. Here’s our return policy:

Yay! Pff, and they said no one would get the ref. :grin: If I could, I would immediately ship you one custom Mayor Larry Vaughn blazer.


The app for this vacuum sounds really questionable yet is necessary to schedule cleanings. It also doesn’t seem to include a remote or any way to schedule cleanings without the app. Without the app, you have to physically press the button to start the cleaning, so no scheduling cleanings while you’re sleeping or away.

I was hoping to get a second hassle-free robovac to pair with the Eufy 11s that I got on woot about a week ago, but this doesn’t seem to be it.

The Eufy was described as refurbished but came in brand new condition, wrapped in plastic without a scratch on it.

EDIT: I accidentally replied to someone. I meant to add a comment to the main post.

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Damn, I ordered a robot vac yesterday and it already shipped. Got a good deal ($100 off a new Eufy vac that’s usually $280), but still paid nearly twice for what this is. $100 for a wifi connected vac is pretty damn good, even though it’s reconditioned.

I’ll wait for the Eufy to come back around again based off these reviews! Seems like the should’ve doubled up on those on the last sale a week or two ago.

I want Larry’s blazer to wear over Kramer’s lobster shirt. If Woot ever offers them then count me in.

Worked for just a few weeks for us. I knew it was a risk at $100 and it proved to be that. It’s so loud now that we can’t stand to use it. When we first received it, it was quiet and did a good job. Whatever was “reconditioned” didn’t last long! I wouldn’t recommend wasting the $100 on this item. I was hoping it would last a lot longer.


It worked for about a month. After that, it would generate a new error daily. Not impressed.

Hi there. If you’re still in warranty, please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Love this vacuum. It works great from the control panel on the vacuum. Spotty response from the app but does a great job of letting me know when it gets hung up on something like a floor lamp.