Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum

Does anyone have one of these? I’m curious how well it does with wood floors.

I have an ion series one, it is not super smart one but it takes away the need sweep as often as you would plus under the couches.

But check if you are going to use this on thick carpet I am not sure how it would work on thick carpet, also take a look at the cables where you plan to use this, if there is a cable around this shark would find and try to gobble it up, the boundary strips do work but trying to put one around each cable can be burdensome.


I also have a few of these, the wifi version. I have two on carpet and one that does the hardwood in the kitchen. I really like them. They don’t do do cleaning, but they do keep me from having to sweep all the time. The ones on the carpet I have to empty every couple of days or so. They help keep up with the dog (short) hair.
If you want the wifi version, they’ve been on here several times at about the same price. Refurbished.