Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Swivel steering SUCKS!

Change my mind.

You can’t change my mind.


I have this exact model…and I curse it every time I use it. The cord is too short, where it exits the machine is in a great place to have you step on it all the time, one of the hose collars broke within a week of owning it (Gorilla Tape ftw), the filtration is woefully pathetic, stability is non-existent (if you look at it sideways it will fall over like a soccer player)…the best thing I can say about it is it sucks.

Only 90 day Woot warranty. Ninja gives you 5 years if purchased from authorized seller. And the cord is only 25 feet long. I need at least 30 feet.

Thank you for saying this. I could vacuum my whole house on a 30ft cable, so 25 would work just fine for me. I don’t think my condo is even 30ft end to end… Wouldn’t be mad if it was though!