Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

I hope it sucks because that is an ugly vacuum

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Agreed, they did not spend the money on cosmetics, that is for sure. But who needs a good looking vacuum?

I’d been looking for a new vacuum & had been planning on getting this exact model after seeing this article:

This is the best vacuum for home use. I used to buy a new vacuum cleaner every other year, until I got this! I haven’t bought one for 10 years ( well, except for a duplicate of this to use upstairs!) and will not buy another for next ten. It’s still working super well, just besure to clean out the filters.

No headlights?!?

Although great pains were taken to hide the cord, there is a 25’ cord attached to this product. Not that that’s a bad thing, just something that was omitted from the description, picture and specs.

I bought one of these about a month ago. I’m extremely impressed with the performance of the vacuum. My only real complaint is that the cord doesn’t retract. It’s just a long cord that wraps around a couple of hooks like what you would have had in the 1980s. Especially for this price, I think this is a heck of a deal. There’s something really satisfying about seeing all of the dirt and dog hair being sucked out of your carpets.

Is there a warranty?

I also purchased one last month. It sucked things out of an area rug that my Dyson would not. Worked great for pet hair. I would purchase again.

My complaints are that the cleaning head is not all that wide and the brush would overload and stop on a long -shag rug that I have. The suction was so strong that it would overload. Works great on other surfaces and carpets.

Yes, it has a 90-day warranty. You’ll see it linked at the end of the features.

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We bought a Shark vacuum during one of their infomercials a few years ago. It works great, plenty of suction and does a much better job than our old Dyson, although that one was probably wearing out from age. We paid somewhat more than the price on today’s Woot. Seems like a very good deal here.

I bought a Shark Navigator that was reconditioned from Woot almost 10 years ago. I had a little hiccup and the vac was replaced right away. I still own this vacuum and it still works great. The only problem is the hose is now getting old and has been broken in a couple of places and repaired with electrical tape. Replacing that hose is almost 40 dollars. I hope I have as much good luck with this one.

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Shoot…the cleaning path is only 9.25 inches. My current Navigator is almost 2.5 inches wider. Means a lot when your cleaning a 20x30 living room.

The 4th picture down shows using the lift-away canister with an attachment to vacuum stairs. Is that attachment included? Is that the wide pet upholstery tool? (I doubt it’s the dusting brush, but maybe?)

Yes, that would be the pet upholstery tool.

Doggone it, Woot. My wife saw this Shark and now she wants me to buy one for the basement, which I just finished placing an order.


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Wider is not always better. The wider the path the less suction power you have to get the deep dirt out.

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I have this vacuum, it will indeed “suck a bowling ball”. If it gets plugged for some reason, there are multiple points of entry to clear the blockage. In short, best vacuum I have ever owned, and half the price of Dyson.

I own a larger Shark model (the 795) purchased here on Woot as well as an older Dyson DC40. While the Shark we have is a good vacuum, I don’t think it is better than the Dyson - just different. Different dimensions, different features, different problems, etc.

There is one thing I have found that is consistent across all of the Shark upright models - these things can dirty a set of filters FAST. Shark relies more on its filter than the Dyson because it does not separate the fine dirt from the airflow very well, so it needs the filter to do that step. While I could easily get away with not cleaning the Dyson’s filters more than twice a year (and it was hard to even tell they were dirty when I did), the Shark’s filters are filthy after the very first use after being cleaned and reinstalled.

This is not to say that the Dyson is perfect - far from it. In fact, I will never purchase a ball-style Dyson ever again but I did want to mention this one point about the filters with our Shark.