Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Oh man, I bought a similar model to this about four or five years ago (So this would likely be a much newer model) and I keep telling my wife I want to upgrade to one of the snazzier new models they’ve put out but there’s just nothing at all wrong with ours.

Nothing I do with it slows it down, it picks up all the pet hair, it pulls stuff out of the cracks between our hardwood (100+ year old house with the original quarter sawn oak floors, a few rooms are more crack than wood it seems) and just generally gets everything you see and more.

I can’t justify replacing it, it’s… it’s pretty much perfect. Argh!

what is model number of this vac

I picked up one of the larger Shark Lift-Away models here from Woot about two years ago. We were tired of our Dyson ball-style vac and all of its quirks and were looking to return to a more standard design. Both the Shark and the Dyson have their high points and their rough spots, so I can’t say one is any better than the other overall - just different, even though they both ended up doing the same basic job.

While the shark does have it’s good points and scores higher in my book over the Dyson in some areas, even after thoroughly cleaning out the Shark and installing new filters they would be filthy after the very next use. To me this speaks of a weak ability to separate the finer dirt from the air stream internally and relying too much on the final filter, whereas the Dyson did a much better job separating the two and the filters could go a month or more before needing to be cleaned. While there are many other points that the Shark beat out the Dyson (and vice-versa), but from an engineering perspective the lack of ability to mechanically separate the dirt from the air without overly relying on the final filter is what disappointed me about the Shark the most.

My two cents: The take-home lesson is that the Shark is still a very good vacuum cleaner and has some excellent points, but just be prepared to clean and change your filters - often.


Per the title: UV540

Great price for a great vac.
Even comes with the Pet Power Brush! (per the specs tab)
Get it. You won’t regret.

If I didn’t already have one of these (the fancier version you can get at warehouse stores), I’d be all over this. I can remember when Shark made really cheap vacuums that were practically throwaways, but I’ve really impressed with their modern vacs. Way cheaper than Dyson (the Bose/Monster Cable of vacuums).

Are these going to be dirty and nasty or just scratch and dent?

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whats the return policy if i get a dirty one ?

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We have a 30 day return policy. See below.

Is this used or just damaged, new inventory?

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Same question. The only ones of this model that I can find anywhere else are refurbs. Is this JUST dinged? Or is it dinged AND a refurb? TIA.

Per the vendor:

All units are broken out into individual components and are thoroughly cleaned. Some of the plastic dust bins may appear “cloudy” but this is just a discoloration that could not be removed during the cleaning process. The filters may also appear to be discolored but this is a result of the bleaching agents that are used.

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These are refurbished. They’re also scratch & dent - below the grade that we usually sell. See my post above for more info.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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Not sure what to do. Could use a vacuum, but I am allergic to cats, mold etc. I am worried about what i may get, but this is such a great price and love that it is hepa and sealed! Decisions, decisions…

I bought the new version for my Mom when her Dyson was no longer performing. After reading comments, I may go back and try to clean the Dyson filters. The thing that I appreciated about the Shark is it is very lightweight, so my older mother didn’t have problems lifting over carpet fringe. It also has a narrow path, so you can get in between chair legs. The container is very easy to remove, empty and replace. It does not hold as much debris as a bagged vacuum, but with bag-less, I tend to empty the container once I’m completed cleaning the house.

Purchased Shark to replace Dyson that finally died on me. Did a test run on 1200sq ft area rug/wooden floors w 2 dogs in house…holy hannah! The suction of this is compatible to Dyson…smaller head has better swivel action that covers tighter areas. Overall, am very happy w product and Woot…

Crap…forgot to add…this “refurbished” unit was delivered ahead of projected delivery time and was in “like new” condition…VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! THIS VACUUM SUCKS!! (In a good way!)


Finally got around to opening/assembling the unit I got, I used my old vacuum for a party Friday and started swearing because I forgot to set the new unit up. Looks new to me, I’ve bought expensive sport optics as “show specials” and my immediate thought was this spent 3 days in a convention center and went to refurb.

Bought it on the recommendation of my girlfriend because I really like her Dyson, I’m ecstatic to have something comparable at an incredibly good price. Assembling it reminded me how primitive the engineering of “normal” $200 vaccums is - the Dyson really blew me away, but the Shark has some interesting features of its own. Now to the after-party vacuum!

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