Shark Navigator UV810 DuoClean (S&D)

Shark Navigator UV810 DuoClean (S&D)

These have a lot of wear. I looked at reviews and people posted pictures of banged up units. Mine was no different. Every part of the vaccuum; the handle, container, wand, floor unit, sides, etc. are scraped, scuffed, and / or dented. Some of the accessories looked new. I put it together and switched it on. Instantly it smelled like dog and cigarettes. I turn it off and check the filters. They are dirty. This is not refurbished. This is USED!

Thanks for the info, I WAS going to purchase this.

Well… Get It… I got mine today!!.. And yes the handle has some scrapes… But oh my… The dirt is sucks Great!!.. And all attachments!!


All new attachments… And all new filters!!

Well worth the price! Our vacuum arrived today and I was very happy to see that ours was in better shape than some people have commented. It honestly looked brand new except for a little bit of wear on the rubber handle grip and some paint scraping on the side (both of which would have happened anyways over the next few months from normal use.) all the attachments were included and looked new. All the filters and rollers were all clean as well. Vacuum works perfectly! I highly recommend!!

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Dang. Some of the comments almost scared me out of buying this. I got 2 one for myself and one for my dad. Yeah they have some scratches on them. But you can’t even really tell unless you have your face a foot away. Besides, It’s in the closet 90% of the time. It works like a charm. I’m super impressed with it. It does have a bit of an odor. It’s not from cigarette smoke. It’s from the detergents used to sanitize the filters and pieces. It will fade away with use. It’s in a lot better shape than the shark lift away I bought brand new 5 years ago. If you want a good deal on a vacuum cleaner that works amazingly this is for you.

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Dude this thing is great works on shag and bare floors. Damage is equivalent to a couple months wear.

I’m legitimately heartbroken I missed this deal. I was shopping for a new vacuum anyway, saw this offer this morning, then after doing a bit of research and coming to the conclusion that this is the perfect vacuum, they are sold out T-T

Wow now that sucks… Missing this sale… I got one… And one for my son. I hope they have this back again for you to snatch one up!!