Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

Anyone happen to know the biggest differences between this and the one that was offered the other day?


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I would like to know the model and series of the shark rocket stick. I want to check out which one I am looking to buy. I cannot seem to find the information in the product description.

Does this come with its accessories? I dont see them listed

Pics were misleading!
I was looking for cordless. Good thing I looked at the description. :unamused::confused:

In the specs it’s listed as model QS302Q and a

  • Crevice Tool & an
  • Upholstery Tool are included.

Model #: QS302Q

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Titles are helpful too:


And the cord is wrapped on the front of each vac in the photos.


Slightly apropos, go shopping for an immersion blender. More times than not they do not show the cord in the image. Even when you add the keyword “cordless”, several corded ones will get tossed in.

Edit - Same for electric knives, and now that I think about it most appliances do not show the cord in their product photos. Soooo, what is our point here?

Edit2 - Electric clothes dryers typically do not come with a power cord and has to be purchased separately.


How is a picture with a cord misleading?

The picture literally shows the cord wrapped around the hooks that hold it


Doc Brown GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy

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HA! Good eye! Did not even notice. Even after “reading” TT’s post.