Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System

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Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System
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  • 1 Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500-Watt Amplifier Flat-Panel Home Theater System

So - does Sharp make good home theatre or what??

These EXIT signs are defective…theres no letters on them!

EDIT: Huh-huh, I bought it. Huhhuh.

1-bit digital – in other words, they turn on and off.

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I love speakers, my place doesn’t have enough :smiley:

1 bit?

Where does the sound come from?

At a LAN Party, we were all waiting to be the first sucker.

I hadn’t hit complete purchase yet…sheesh.

ummmmmm dell for $629? lol

I don’t think there are speakers with this…

that description left my jaw dropped though :slight_smile: thanks.

Nothing makes these special or even a sharp response time.

ribs. anybody have reviews of this thing?

It is a Home Theater System…right?
Are we missing some speakers here?

Someone please tell me why I would want a 1-bit digital system? Isn’t that like, 63 steps backwards? I mean, honestly, I think we’ve been going from 16 to 32 to 64 bit digital systems for a reason, and now this new buzzword “1-bit” appears? I’m no newb to computers or technology, and I still don’t know what the heck it’s talking about.

I wouldn’t get it, just for the simple fact that they attach buzzwords like “1-bit” to try wowing people. But the strange thing is… if consumers are trained to think “bigger is better” with 64-bit CPUs, what are these people thinking attaching “1-bit” to a title?

Someone please tell me what the hell is going on here…

edit: Plus, in audio, analog is ALWAYS better than digital. Analog = infinite power levels and sampling frequencies (which don’t even exist in analog, really). Digital always has a number attached to it. But we can’t get analog audio anymore - though some geniuses have made a tube amp for desktop PC audio - so we have to do our best with the digital signals we’re spoon fed. For the love of god, drop the buzzwords though! Just say “It does really good D-A processing” and be done with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, you’re KILLING ME, Woot! I wanted one of these for SOOOOOO long for our bedroom TV, and kept missing them. I finally got everything else set up for the TV and NOW they’re here.

Anyway, with the TV in the bedroom, I haven’t seen my wife after dinner for over a year…she’s always in bed, watching CSI, so I don’t think I’ll be spending any more of my money on HER TV!!!

You’ll need some speakers to go along with it…

This link leads here -> Sharp’s skinny receiver and DVD player combo unit is drop-dead gorgeous, but its sound quality could use a makeover.