Sharp SD-HX600 Home Theatre System


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Sharp SD-HX600 Home Theatre System
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sharp SD-HX600 Home Theatre System

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Any speakers?



Is this any good?


Looks shiny so its probably expensive there for I shouldn’t touch it.




looks pretty decent…thought it’s not exactly what I’m lookin’ for


HD -> OK But SD -> Nop!!!


saw these for 600 plus bucks. good deal here


no hdmi… no thank you.


When we all go Blu-Ray for video and MP3 for audio, this will be outmoded. Oh wait, we already have. It is outmoded. So sad.


The DVD player is nothing special. No HDMI or any other type of digital video outputs. Analog only. It’s a standard 480p progressive scan player.

Taken from newegg:





I have a similiar one, with just two different pieces comprising the unit. It is really a nice system. It cranks out great quality sound, better than my dedicated stereo system that costs much more. If I hadn’t already bought this, I’d get it now. Some things are hard to believe until you have them in hand, and this is one of them.


the look like fancy VHS tapes


Where are my cheap hd dvd players, woot. I need them.


Buying any dvd player these days that doesn’t play BluRay discs is comparable to buying a Betamax or an 8 track player.

No thanks