Sharper Image 31" Rolling Duffel

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Suitable as a carry-on, or is this too big?

Thanks! got my answers

Nice little bags,but too big for carry on.

EnE Group’s website

Too big and NO I won’t help you put it in the overhead

WAY too big for carry-on per most airlines… these are great bags for the $$ though… so i’m considering buying… but if you want something that can go in the cabin with you i’d suggest looking for another bag to go along with this one that’s no bigger than 16"… :slight_smile:

Luggage standards are a sum total of 62" for checked baggage and 45" for carry-on. This has a total of 56.5" so too large for carry-on but doesn’t maxamize your checked luggage capabilities for airplane flight. Might have other uses, however.

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How would these handle on a rugged camping trip? Say…to Kenya? I’ll be driving around and living in a tent and I’ve been looking for a quality duffel.

I got one of these the last time around. Not rugged enough for the outback I think and too big for an airplane. It’s great for roadtrips and has lots of pockets to stuff random stuff.

Got the 26" yellow one not that long ago. Pretty nice bag! GF has commandeered mine, of course.

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got one of these…great space and wonderful for weekend trip.

WARNING: This bag is bigger than it looks. That may not be an issue for most, but it sure surprised me.
Also, it does not stand upright. It can only be laid down on it’s bottom.
Other than that it’s a sturdy big rolling bag. For $25 you CAN’T go wrong.

Get a backpack.

True, but weight wise it is probably better than most suit cases and in my experience weight is the issue not size since they dropped the limit to 50 lbs.