Shirt Of Continued Employment

Wow this is super nerdy. And awesome.

Argh!I wanted Napoleon or Review shirt!

Nice design tho Pat! Not something I’d wear, but pretty cool. :slight_smile:

For all his magical enchantments, he just couldn’t save against getting laid off.

I have no idea what this shirt means. Would someone care to explain?

Oh nice. I can only assume that this design was specifically printed on a fire-proof shirt?

This Shirt:
-1 Repel Casual Fridays

There is a large contingent on woot whose equation seems to be nerdy=awesome, with absolutely no exceptions.

It’s an RPG joke. Fire can do some hella damage and you need to build up fire resistance to survive. Also, it helps to not get fired in today’s economy.

/recovered ex-WoW player.

I’m going to roll a d20 to see if I’m going to buy this shirt. Oh. Rolled a 1.

So my elf paladin doesn’t buy this shirt but owes shirt.woot 10 dollars anyways.

Most of my gamer buddies work for the government, so now I can at least somewhat approach their levels of job security with this.

I’m sure Patrickspens is tough and all, but shouldn’t that be 5d10+25 hit points?

I have a hard time believing this, and I’m pretty sure you joked your way to a quality post.

“Resist Fire +30”: In gaming, meaning that you have a super strong resistance against damage from fire.

“Shirt of …”: In gaming, the shirt might give the wearer certain powers.

A play on words between being “fired” (laid off from work)… leads to the Shirt of Continued Employment… Resist Fire +30.

Might not make sense if, where you live, being “fired” is not a common term, but being made “redundant” is.

Glowy (yep, mood: articulate has arrived)

I think for the sake of simplicity, this works fine. The other way would be too cluttered, imho.

Even though I sensed it wasn’t genuine, I decided to take the bait anyway, just to be sure.

ah, rpg jokes… they give me such a warm feeling…

This shirt would be super useful if your boss was also a dragon.

In addition to fire, any guy who wears this shirt will have a +50 resistance to female encounters.