Shirts on Sale Hiring Writers


Don’t know why I’m even writing this here as it will get bumped down in no time…but them’s the breaks, right?

Shirts on Sale, home of the Shirt.Woot back catalog, is now hiring writers for our daily posts.

Directions for applications and more information are available via the link.


It was interesting until I read…"$2.50 for the first five posts."

bwwwaaaahhhhh haaahhaaa

You all must be insane!

Hell, I could collect cans and get more in deposit money.

Good luck in your efforts…


Happy you took the time to read through the particulars. Don’t forget, the $2.50 for the first five posts is just part of the trial run while we figure out whether or not you’ll be a good fit for our readership…we can’t just hand out free money willy-nilly, can we? Those who have been writing for us report it takes about seven minutes to write a thoughtful post and have made over $1/post these past few months --that works out to about $8.50/hour-- not too bad for some extra hobby income.

That being said, your point is well taken. As this website started just over three months ago, we don’t have the resources at our command that those with big backers might. We’re not looking for people out to make a quick buck…we’re looking for those who believe in the potential of a portal like this to grow into something great. If you’re looking for the easy money, check out those “$100,000your first month on the Internet” ads we keep hearing on the radio.

Let us know how the can-collecting goes, though…we appreciate your efforts for the environment (and your pocket).