Woot Merch!

Glad I check every day at 9AM to see what new has been added. Got my second BOC!!!

Thank you lazy day at work!

Thanks Woot! First Box o’ Chocolates EVAR!!! Just got lucky and clicked in to the sale right as it went up.

I always fail

Thank you automated email notice.

Let’s see…I bought one Woot-Opoly at $19.99, only to see it then drop to $14.99. Then I bought another at $14.99, after which it dropped to $5.99.

If I buy one at this price, will it be free next time around?

Darn you work getting in the way of checking at 9am Woot time. Congrats to those who scored a bag of crap

9:01 New Chrome Tab goes unresponsive as I try to go to woot! Goes to get cereal as it resolves itself.

9:08 cereal becomes tear-soaked as I see that I missed a BOC.

Tear-salted cereal, ces’t la vie. Congrats to those that nabbed one.

hmm…i thought i was signed up for email notice. apparently not :frowning:

Congrats to those that were lucky enough to get the hidden BOC!

crap :frowning:

i’m pretty sure i was supposed to get one of these for my birthday on Sunday. but woot, you’re a couple days early here. i remember your birthday, why can’t you remember mine?

Happy Birthday (early) and since my birthday is coming up in a less than 2 weeks what are the chances I receive one of these on that day even though it was sold out before I saw it…my guess is slim to none and my money is on none…come on woot prove me wrong

Toaster Strudel, your deliciousness cost me a BoC.

Make sure you add alert keywords and not just the daily emails and woot-off notifications.

Thanks! Hidden crap is the best! …except when it’s your pet’s and it’s under the couch…

Would it be too much to ask for a Woot Athletic Department shirt in tech fiber? I love the monkey’s grim stare but would rather not wear cotton while I’m sweating.

done. the next bag shall be mine!

How, when and where do I do this?