Shirts of Crap!

I got a blue zip-up with a yellow mark last time I ordered a random. I am very pleased.

So many to chose from! Glad to see the Bandoliers shirt back!

never mind! :smiley:

Does the flying monkey shirt have solid silver lettering, or a metallic ink finish?

Legendary BoC on a tote is too perfect to pass up. I will fill mine with random items that may or may not have great monetary value.

congrats @tracergod for your designed being used! Will definitely be buying a shirt!

Cool to see color options. Hoping for even more options in the future!!

Oh my, so much woot in-joke goodness!

And so happy to see a wootzien’s design. Congratulations, tracergod!

My wife has got it so easy shopping for me for Christmas with this sale.

Finally, Woot themed shirts in an adult size! Been waiting for “!” or “Woot!” shirts to pop up, ever since they were offered in Kids sizes during various Woot-Offs.

Also, the Bag of Crap totes are priceless :slight_smile:

Ditto. My wife asked me earlier what I wanted, she says I’m impossible to shop for. I sent her the link to this sale.

15 dollars for a random shirt? What happened to 6.66? For 15 you can pick whatever you want now-a-days with every shirt ever made being offered

Also, I would like to propose that Woot increase the limit on the Woot Mark Shirt from 3 to 5, this will make it easier to buy one of each color :slight_smile:

Look again. It’s not a random shirt. It’s a random shirt shirt. It’s a white shirt with a blurry question mark on it. You know, the one that they usually say they’re not selling on random day, they’re actually selling it (again).

It’s not a random shirt. It’s a random random shirt!

(You know the logo for Random Shirts, the blurry yellow question mark? The Random Random Shirt has the blurry yellow question mark on it.)

OoOoOo… So many great things to buy and a wootoff to boot. Good thing I have to leave for work shortly. :slight_smile:

Big thanks to Pablo and Travis for all the hard work they put into it!

It’s not a random shirt - you’d be buying a shirt WITH the fuzzy question mark!

Seems it’s about the only way I’d get a bag of crap, I just don’t know if I can stand being reminded of my loserdom everytime I look at it.

I have the blue and yellow wootie zip up. It’s great. I also have the tote bag as well. Pretty sturdy.

May be in for Wootie if I think it’ll live w/me always wishing it was Woot to Live.