I Love Coupons!

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I enjoy the fact that there is no coupon for the purchase of this shirt.

The shirt is a liar!

Heh. I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s pretty cool.

YES! I wooted three nights in a row. This derby had the best shirts. Thank you shirt.woot!

Clever shirt. I’m thinking about buying this one.

blah. Hate the color, dislike the concept. Next!

is there a coupon i can use?

So whoever voted this in should go ahead and buy it now.

Just know that I hate you all, thanks for wasting my Sunday morning woot shirt.

Love the shirt, bought one for me and one for bro.


I really held out hope that my stupid “Insert Brand” design would defy the 7 point differential prognostication. Ah well. On to this week’s theme!

i wouldnt wear this… and the font is kinda DATED!!! :frowning:

Woot, where was the coupon?

Wow, all this contest ended up being was a bunch of text and contrived copyrighted graphics.

Am I one of many in the camp of “no text, no pirates, no ninjas, no chuck norris EVER” ??

If I had a Coupon I would buy this shirt. I don’t want to be a liar!!!

hedgehogfatsun does not work as a coupon. still.

Same reason I went to see Coupon: The Movie.

Well, unfortunately I used the only coupon that I had on the Boston Party shirt…

Instead of “where’s the feet?” we should be looking for “where’s the coupon?”

Well, woot, I wish there actually WAS a coupon, but regardless…I love the shirt, it’s me to a “T”.

I’m in!

but this is a lie! i have no coupon!