Side Sleeper Contour Pillow

I bought a two pack of these pillows. While I like the idea and think the design is great the fill is absolute garbage and is a deal breaker.

I had one of these. I really liked it for the month that I used it. Unfortunately, it’s not well made. The seams came apart and the filling came out.

Great design. Cheaply made. If it was the 2 pack, I would buy a few.

$17.99 on Amazon

Three years ago they were two for $12.99. Now one for $19.99. I don’t think so.

Glad I read the comments. I was at first concerned that it didn’t look like it had a case, other than the cover, but now that I read the filling sucks and it isn’t very well made, I feel happy to pass. I actually ordered one of these from Woot earlier in the year and it never arrived. Turned out it never shipped (“label was created”, though) and when I finally asked about it they said there weren’t any more. At the time, I was disappointed, but it looks like I might have lucked out by it not coming.

I used to have the perfect floppy pillow for myself, which was probably like 10-15 years old (I did wash and dry it, every now and then, so it wasn’t all gross or anything) but unfortunately left it in a hotel room. Have not fond a great pillow since. There are a few that look like they might be good on Amazon, but some are pricey and I’m not keen on the idea of dropping big bucks on something only to find I don’t like it at all. Sure, they may allow returns, but at my cost and many of these memory foam pillows are as heavy as hell and would cost quite a bit to ship back. I wish there was a local pillow emporium type store where I could try the different types out.

Hey all, we’ve lowered the price on this bad boy. Buy all the pillows!

If you already purchased, you will be refunded the difference soonish.

Like someone else said, these were a two pack a couple years ago and $13. One pillow is NOT worth $14. They only last a few months before they start to go flat and washing them just tears apart the flimsy pillow case it comes with. I wouldn’t purchase this as offered today.