Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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Surprising (and weird). There are four different designs, you can’t see prices or ratings until you’ve selected a color option - THEN you can see that while they all have the same price, the biggest visible difference between them is their rating numbers - which range between 2000+ and 10000+.
There are different techniques for applying gold leaf to wood, ceramic, etc - some cost much more than others, mostly because (with at least one ‘sticky’ layer below and again more, sealing above) they preserve the gold leaf longer than others. You probably won’t want to handle these much if you want them to last…
And if you can find someone who might understand the various designs (and who has no “supportive” agenda), you may find them to be less “ancient” than implied. I do think they’re attractive, make a notable conversation piece and may offer a useful audible focus…

Non-dampening pillow… is that to prevent it from getting wet? :thinking:

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“vibration-dampening”, in an attempt to let the bowl “sing” longer… I have seen metal-rod chimes, suspended at points which are not vibrating, which will “sing” for minutes. These all can pull your mind into a distant place…

I should probably hold off on the reviews, someone went to some effort to set the mood.

Are these all the same size?

Can you eat fruity pebbles out of theses?


I am appalled that I need to download something to earn the privilege of buying this.


The appropriate accompaniment to Silent Singing is One Hand Clapping

$24.97 on the mothership, includes money back guarantee and the “$50 in bonuses”: user’s guide, premium ebook, 3D sound bath audio track.

BTW, these are made in Nepal… did Nepal annex Tibet when I wasn’t looking?

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Here’s mine from an earlier sale. I’m pretty sure the writing on the bowl translates to “No Regerts”


I got one for myself and one for BFF during the last sale. We love them!


I have to imagine it would be a bit more metallic tasting than one would like.



I got one as a Christmas present (thank you spouse with different account!) and liked it so much I purchased one for my DIL’s birthday (different style/color) & she, too, loved it! Very calming in an un-calm world. Namaste!


I ordered two of these last year and gave one away to my sis as a Christmas gift.
We are both super happy with them.
They sing beautifully with just a little bit of practice and are well-made for the price.
Definitely would recommend.
I kept the Bronze Mantra Design and gave sis the Brown Antique Design (but with swapped pillows).

Neither one of the ones we bough have any gold leaf - the shininess you see is polished brass with either colored paint or “antiquing” applied to make some areas darker.

Ours have been handled quite a bit since last year, and show no adverse signs of wear.


Well, that changes everything. Depending whether there IS enough of a metallic understructure to resonate, with harmonics (if you tap the bowl with metal, does it go “thunk” or “ting”?)… And I obviously don’t know enough to extrapolate, so I’m stopping now.

I didn’t want to disabuse you earlier when I saw you were talking about gold leaf. I thought maybe you were talking something different you had. They’re fairly thick and they go tinggggggggg.


That’s awesome!

@ThunderThighs Can we swap one of the listing photos with this next time?


I believe it translates to something about being a held prisoner in a bowl factory…


If the bowl is metal, it makes more sense to get one (now to pick just one). At least if it might be catching dust on the mantle it will be able to hold a LOT.