Simmons Curv™ Gel Memory Foam Mattresses - Your Choice - 8", 10", or 12"

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How difficult is it to get sheets to fit properly or snug enough not to be “saggy” on a 10" mattress? i really want one of those mattresses but hate the feel of bulky sheets.

I bought the 10" version in Full size. My sheets fit it perfectly. I think the larger mattress sizes have sheets that are deeper, so a 12" version might be more appropriate. For full size though, they fit like a glove.

A little review after 2 full nights of sleeping on the 10" version:

It’s VERY different than my old memory foam mattress. The old one was the super soft kind and you would ‘sink’ into it slowly and then sleep in your own valley. This one doesn’t work like that.

It’s more ‘springy’ but feels just as soft and supportive. The gel foam is amazing, it feels like it instantly reacts instead of slowly sinking into it. When you go to roll over, it rebounds so you don’t have that feeling like the hole you were previously in is trying to suck you back in. Which is great, especially with someone else in the bed next to you.

It is also WAAAAY cooler. It feels almost neutral as far as heat goes. I’ve been called a human furnace, so on warmer nights, I would COOK on my old mattress. This doesn’t seem to hold heat very much, so it actually works as advertised. I’m impressed!

My only regret is that I wish I bought a queen instead of a full. Maybe the old one was oversized slightly (Which it probably was, as some sheets would barely fit or not at all) and this new one seems like it’s an inch shorter on each side by comparison.

My feet always hung off the side so I probably should have finally upgraded to a queen. Oh well, i’ll live with it since that was 100% my fault.

FYI Got the 12" thickness in the Queen size. Have had it for almost a week now. Never had a memory foam mattress before but at the price figured was worth a shot (had a cheap Serta from Big Lots previously). Gotta say this is super supportive and comfortable. Good isolation of movement as well. Doesn’t get really hot either which is good since our upstairs can get toasty during the summer even with AC on. Highly recommended for the price especially.

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Does anyone else find this mattress to be super soft? The rep claimed this mattress to be medium but both my wife & I find that it has no lower back support. (12") (I’m ~170, ~15% bf)

It’s softer than I expected but I still think it’s very comfortable. I’m 6’ 250lbs. And from a guy who ran a mattress store for 4 years, I can tell this mattress is a steal at these prices.

I just purchased the 12" queen and have slept on it for a few nights now. It’s my first experience owning a memory foam matteress, but so far so good. It’s a lot softer than I had expected and hoped for (I’m 6’6", 255lbs), but I haven’t lost any sleep because of it. For $300 and $5 to ship, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to replace a 10 year old spring mattress and box spring like I did.

Some advice I would offer is to make sure you lay in on a solid platform style bed frame. I purchased a frame that has a platform which is slightly springy, not rigid, and I can feel that lack of support.

I received it within maybe a week of ordering it. It opened and took shape very easily (comes rolled and vacuumed packed in a plastic bag), and had virtually no smell.

I’ll try my best to answer any questions any Wooters might have while this offer is going on.

Overall rating: 8/10

Can find at Bed Bath and Beyond

Yes, I feel this is super soft too, not medium as stated. Did you end up returning it? how does it work with Woot?