Simplehuman Code M Custom Fit Trash Bags

Simplehuman Code M Custom Fit Trash Bags

$42 for 120 direct from SimpleHuman vs $60 for 120 from W00t and $46 from Amazon Prime

$23 for 60 from Amazon Prime vs $30 for 60 from W00t

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Usually people post the links for truthiness…but in this case I’ll take your word on it.

Woot’s price is $0.50 a bag. Ree Dick U Lous

I have a Simplehuman bathroom-sized can and yes, the Simplehuman bags fit it like a glove. I bought a supply of the fancy bags for it from AMZN when I got the can. But there’s no reason I couldn’t be using plastic t-shirt shopping bags in it.

Yeah, it’s one of those usual cases where it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. This is in line with going price for the 20-count package though.