Simply Audiobook Collection Digital Downloads

Clicked on the Christmas book link just to see more info and 7 Ghost Stories and Thrillers by Dickens downloaded to my computer! And they are really there… Hmmm.

If I want to give these as gifts, what is the best way? Download, copy to CDs and supply the activation code to the giftee? Is there a time limit on using the activation code? How many times can it be used? If the set is moved from once device to another at a later date, will the same code work?


once activated, do the books become open/copy-able forever?

From the vendor:

Yes, give the activation code to the giftee.

No Time limit.

Forward the links to the giftee.

On devices, you’d probably have to contact Simply Audiobook.

I purchased the Health and wellness but the link does not work. Anyone know how I can get my books?

It looks like the Christmas stories link is not correct, it downloads 7 horror stories. Fix the link and I’ll buy.
Since others have had link issues, I recommend downloading first, before you buy.

I have never posted on WOOT, 1st time is to say the link is broken. I was not smart enough to check 1st, now WOOT has my $3.99. Any predictions how long and how many emails it will take to fix this?

I see that some of the “authors” are “Simply Publisher.” Are those titles text-to-speech robots?

Project Gutenberg has a lot of the pubic domain titles recorded by humans and text-to-speech for free.

Still waiting on a resolution from woot! Who liked it better before it was an Amazon company?

LINKS ARE NOT WORKING!!! Is this sale over?

I went to the Simply Audiobook website and tried to contact their customer service. They said to send emails to "" I just sent “him” an email and it bounced.

All the Woot sale download links are down. The email for customer service doesn’t work. Possible they already went out of business???

If you’re experiencing issues with the manufacturer, please email into and let them know. They’ll be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

Customer service isn’t helping! Where’s the download link that works woot?!

The links work. Any issue write If you have an Apple device iOS.

  1. For IOS there is a separate download manager to download the files.

  2. If you haven’t used one before here is how to do it.

Step one

Download and install the GoAruna Files file manager for iPhone/iPod Touch or IPad manager. If you don’t already have an account, you can get a free one inside the app after you launch if for the first time. The free account doesn’t expire and is not a trial.

Step 2

Open the GoArunaFiles app on your iOS device. Login and go to the Transfers section of the app. Here you will see two options.

A. URL download. This is for when you know the exact url location of the file on the Internet. You just paste the link in the following format style–

Press go or enter and the file will immediately start and when completed the file will be available on you IOS device.

B. Browse to Download. This is a special browser to browse that has file downloading enabled. So just use it like a regular browser to browse and surf the Internet and when you come across a file you want to download, just click the link and the file will be downloaded to your IOS device.

PC users: already set up for downloads. for service. If using an IOS iPod, iPad or iPhone see the instructions posted just now or email us.

Any issues write

Any issues write Thanks from Simply

If Apple IOS see instructions below in another post or email and we will send you the short document from Apple.