SIT-IN: Polywood Bar Tables & Chairs

So, this is pretty much the same material family as Trex or ChoiceDek? Remarkable, I’ve never seen anything made with that stuff that could support a structure like furniture.

No, this stuff isn’t filled with sawdust so it can retain its strength in various orientations.

These are solid HDPE…think white plastic milk bottles. They are dense and heavy. They are very comfortable. If I didn’t own so many already I’d buy them. Great prices. We have two Jefferson rockers with a side table and two Adirondack chairs with ottomans and a side table. They sit outside year round and still look new. No staining, sealing or painting. I am kinda thinking about the lifeguard chair for the pool though.

Hey all, this shady pair of monkeys approached us behind the warehouse and asked us if we wanted to get in on this deal for Polywood outdoor furniture.

Yeah, it’s late in the season but hey, that’s why you’re getting one heck of a deal here! Have you looked at these prices! They’re crazy! They’re ridiculous! They’re low even!

Oh, and we only have a few of some items so bring out your designer side and do some mixin’ & matchin’.

how much weight can these bar stools hold?

We have all the info available from their sites. I do know in working with the buyer on Home with furniture, that manufacturers are required to test to a minimum limit (usually 200 - 250 lbs). They aren’t required to test until it breaks.

What is the seat height for the Euro Bar Chairs?

The specs have the height listed as 46". I’m thinking the seat height is probably in the 27"-34" range. I’ll check with our buyer to be sure though.

UPDATE: Per the Polywood site, the height is 30".

LOL, good answer. Unfortunately, I have been through 4 table/chair sets and two couches in three years due to visiting family members’ weight - including steel legged chairs.

Wow, so my “Contempo” bar stool has already arrived (one of the three anyway), and I’m stunned at the quality. I bought red and blue stools for my outdoor Red Sox bar I built this season, and these are perfect. For the price I figured I’d get a season out of them, but I fully expect them to last quite a while. And if they don’t, they do come with a 20-year warranty.

For what it’s worth, not sure how “big” your family is, but these stools seem to be pretty rock solid. I wouldn’t expect to have any problems with them, even with the bigguns.

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