Smartparts 8” LCD Picture Frame

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Smartparts 8" LCD Picture Frame
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Smartparts SP800B 8" Digital Picture Frame with 128mb Memory

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What’s up with all these picture frames?

Another picture frame? Wtfff

I’m logging more hours on my already aged laptop for this?!?!?!

SPIDER-man?! How Rude!

And 8 inches is too small.


exactly. whats up with all the frames… :frowning:

wow another one

What ever happened to woot tv

Yep thats really me. And unless Tom Green is a hot blonde chick, I’m not hooking up with him.

I got an idea lets get rid of these damn picture frames

Was anyone else around a few hours ago when these frames were still going?

This one might just be the best yet somehow. .pdf display, why? why?

FFS. No one wants any more frames. With that, I bid you good night.

What did the Asus netbook go for?

I tried to tell Peter that I didn’t want the knock-off luggage that he was selling.

Dressing up in spandex definitely won’t help change my mind.

last wootathon was all knives. I guess this one is all frames?

Damn, this is the kind of frame I’ve been waiting for, but I was still asleep when it posted.