Smokeless Wood Pellet Fire Pit with Ash Pan

Good reviews…I burn pellets for heat so i thought this would be fun to have in the summertime…I also have extra pellets around. U-tube has a flick posted on this unit…pretty neat… Maybe I can use this one for a patterned to make my own …would like to have a larger one…

Is there a difference between wood pellets and wood chips?
Does this come w a “starter bag” of pellets?

Yes, wood pellets are very compressed.

Checking on the starter bag.

Great price I’ll have to grab one too.
Look at how much they retail for $100+ although the other pellet fire pit last time looked like it was nicer.

Just got mine today!!!..super fast shipping…very nice sturdy unit…ordered it on the 12th…and got it today on the 17th…I was surprised how heavy the unit is…should last a long time…Doubled boxed and has extra packing paper…Might buy another one…

What happens if you burn regular wood logs?

It burns just the same
Pellets just burn more efficiently and less smoke. Less chance of embers flying away.

You need pellets…should be able to find some at your TSC store…if you live where it’s warm???..maybe on Amazonie…shipping will be high…You MIGHT be able to use small wood chips if you can get some…Check youtube

This thing is fun. Got my pellets from Lowes 40lb @ $5.79

Love the size. 12" firepit is perfect for a backyard. I started with two solo cups of pellets and flame was huge and hot. Has no smoke(smell). When the flame goes out and the embers are still hot. Carefully add some more and it catches on fire quickly. I found dumping in a cup created some initial smoke until the flames get going. Yet still didn’t have a smokey smell.

FYI I could only source soft wood not hard wood. Also I don’t suggest using the BBQ’ing pellets as they have more smoke for flavoring.

I bought a hiking/camping stove on amazon. Same design just smaller. Love that one too.