SOG Bi-Polar Satin Knife

woot a knife!!!

knife.woot strikes again…

FYI a Satin Knife is very different than a Satan Knife…

So it has two personalities?

satan knife!

Got it last time. Great knife!

does Bi-Polar mean that this is a schizo knife? I’d be worried about its other personality!

Still waiting for to come around.

Yeah, I see in the near future.

Hey, I got the last SOG item. One of you white boxers need to step up to the plate.

A bi-polar knife for all the Emos out there.

I am sorry but bi-polar and knifes are a bad combo!!

they took my bi polar knife last time in the mental hospital

Got it last time. Excellent scene knife!

I hope there’s not a lot of these…

Here come the Bi-polar jokes…

Massive discount from the sogknives website price.

I’ll stick with my SOG EOD Powerlock with the V-cutter, knife, pliers, and C4 spike that was cheaper.

$50? That’s a bit expensive. Ebay is a good place for knives.