SOG Nickel Silver/Carbon Fiber Facet

expensive knife…

Kimbo Slice!

hey, someone said in the last deal that the BOC already appeared today? What? when?

Imma slice some throats in a bit




That’s not a knife…

Surprise!! Expensive knives.


That is one flashy-looking knife!

$120 pocket knife? I hope there aren’t many of these… :frowning:

for that price, it better be able to clean the blood off of itself

Is this the knives.woot launch product?

That’s airline-approved, right?

Argh … a $100+ knife? Maybe there’s only 10 in stock.

12 angry men reenactment anyone?

and here I thought is said FAUCET. Guess woot isnt selling the kitchen sink yet…

I swear this is the worst woot off ever… I’m ready to buy the knife to off myself