SOG Tool Logic Credit Card Multi-Tool

SOG Tool Logic Credit Card Multi-Tool

$10 on Amazon. I got this as gift almost a decade ago but didn’t know it was a SOG item. I have yet to really use it for anything, but it continues to sit in my wallet.

The screw driver is utterly useless. It is not long enough to use due to the fact that it’s attached to the bottle opener.
The tweezers are plastics and useless.
The toothpick… well… I would never use it as a toothpick but it’s a good poker for popping out SIM cards and such.
Magnifying glass is for starting fires. It will work well if you know what you’re doing. You need the right materials and logic to get it to work, but it does work.
Oops, almost forgot the knife! It’s probably the worst feature of the product. This thing won’t cut paper, so I am not sure what you plan on using it, but it’s certainly not slicing or cutting. This thing won’t cut an apple or paper let alone rope.

Do yourself a favor and get a swiss army knife. You are far less likely to end up on the wrong end of the TSA when you go on a flight and forget to take this out of your wallet. This is also a wallet stretcher. It’s super THIIIIICCCC.


I have this as well. The tweezers are metal but have plastic on them. The toothpick is plastic. The knife is the most useful aspect of this ‘credit card size’ tool. It’s very sharp. The compass does NOT work at all. The magnifying glass is really too small for anything other than starting a fire. The multi tool piece is mostly useless. In hindsight, I wouldve bought the Swiss Army credit card tool that has the light and a few other useful implements.

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What, seriously, no handle on the can/bottle opener? If I were the galactic overlord I’d make the designer of this thing open tin cans with it until they learn the error of their ways. Or their fingers fall off, whichever happens first.


This will be immediately confiscated by TSA at airport check in !!! And you will not get it back !!! Not sure if you have a credit card inside if they will remove it and give it back …

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Pictures sure look like the tweezers are metal… (see the one someone here posted too)

OK so something screwy here… (pun not intended) The image has the compass located in the right hand slot. However the product I received (and the one pictured by @bhannifin) show it’s been placed in the left hand slot. You’ll notice that’s where the screws are. Multiple users are reporting the compass is useless… well I think it’s placement near the screws, instead of away from them as advertised, is what’s causing this.

I’m beginning to wonder if this was a manufacturing error and thus the reason to pawn it off on woot.

Interesting indeed. The woot sale page has 2 images and they appear to be different styles with the compass in different spots.

Oh you’re right. Could be a situation where they have stock of an older version of the item or something looking to get rid of. And the one with the blue colored logo is the newer version. :frowning:

“it continues to sit in my wallet” Why ?

I bought this thing cause it was cheap. I wish I didn’t buy it. Does not seem very useful at all. The compass is effected by the knife and/or other tools when they are in the card.

I must have an older version, mine are plastic.

As you can see from the above picture and Woot’s picture, they are both labeled different too. They probably made a lot of these in different versions over the years. I got mine almost a decade ago, so maybe they learned to use metal.

I just got my tool…all plastic. Pulled the tweezers out and the plastic piece instantly broke off leaving the tweezers inside…useless!


If you haven’t done so already, contact Support. They’ll help you out.

From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form . In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.