Something looks different!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Wooters in the last 15+ years, it’s that y’all LOVE change. But sometimes change is necessary for businesses to stay current with the marketplace and technology so here we go.

Remember that peek-a-boo you saw when our site header & footers changed for a day or so. Well, we said that we’d come back to you and get feedback so here we go. You can tell us here or use the handy link:

It’ll start out as A/B testing which is a fancy way of saying that we’ll show it to a few of you to gauge the reaction. If our stats & clicks don’t go into the toilet, we open it up to a few more of you and so on.

Some of these changes are necessary, like the font and color changes for accessibility.

Some are good business, like getting our logo the same on all our platforms.

Some are getting ready for bigger and better things in the future, like removing the category links from the footer. You’ll have to be patient and trust us on these.

Anyway, change is coming. Be ready. Feedback welcome as always. And we will always try to make things better, easier and fun for you cause that’s what friends are for.


Just getting ready.


Bet this will go swimmingly.

Please let the monkeys get significant others.


I look forward to using the new “Make Offer” button!


I can’t think of anything better for this site except that we get @bsmith1’s “make offer” button, wOot spelled with different colors, and we get to leave reviews for the seller and the items.

OH and bring back those colored boxes by our avatar. Shape mine like a star please.

Also, can we have a poll on each item so we can share our feelings about the offering but without using our own words?

Like for example a B0C
“EH how does this B0C make you feel?”
Someplace else sold it better