Sony Wireless RF Headphones for Watching TV

Sony Wireless RF Headphones for Watching TV

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The title is wrong. These are for listening to TV.


Would this work on a Samsung Smart TV Model Code UN55NU6950FXZA which has no Bluetooth?

It should. From the features:

The transmitter connects to compatible A/V components using the device’s headphone jack (or using the L/R jacks and a separately available plug adapter). Once connected, the transmitter broadcasts the audio signal to the headphones, allowing you to enjoy a wireless audio experience.

This is over a week after your comment but I just saw it. Anyway, when my mom wanted to see something better on TV, she would turn up the volume. I don’t think she even realized she did it.

Of course, she was also the same person who would “watch” TV while using her laptop and rarely looked at the TV so I would have to fill her in on whatever was going on. She could watch the same episode of a TV show several times and not remember she’d seen it before.

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In the age way before remotes for TVs, my grandfather hooked up a wire to the TV speakers with a rocker switch. When commercials came on, he flip it and no sound. Of course, we’d be hollering at him to turn it back on when the show came on.


That’s awesome. My granddad liked to make stuff, too. He figured out a way to record phone conversations well before answering machines, etc. We found a tape where he’d recorded a phone call between my grandmother and my mother. It was a boring conversation but it was neat to hear, anyway.

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I wanna say what I’m thinking, but I’m trying to be good.

How do you connect these headphones to the Samsung Smart TV Model Code UN55NU6950FXZA?

The paragraph I posted above is pretty much the instructions. You connect the transmitter to the AV out or headphone jack. The headphones connect wirelessly to the transmitter.