Spyder Men's Outbound 1/2 Zip Stryke Jacket Black/Red M

Spyder Men's Outbound 1/2 Zip Stryke Jacket Black/Red M

Huge fan of my previous Spyder purchases, including a few styles of jackets and outerwear.

But is anyone else having a really difficult time with the seeming mismatch between the listed color options and the pictures? They seem to be from different listings entirely…


Isn’t this same item you can buy at Costco?


Basically two colors (black and ebony) with different zipper colors. I want the red!

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I bought the black/red one a few weeks back from Costco on clearance for $12(Costco sets a stupid low price when they have just a few of something left that they are getting rid of). It’s very nice quality but the XXL is a lot tighter on me than most other XXL items.

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Morning all. I’ve asked for them to look st the sale. We’re having severe storms here so it’s delaying people getting to the office. Hang tight.


Colors are fixed!!!

Thanks WOOT!

hate the 1/2 zip HATE IT

The colors in the dropdown are correct, because the only available color for the Jacket is BLACK and different colors for the zipper and spider

The images were incorrect earlier and are now correct. There’s two colors for the body - black & ebony.

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Hope all are safe. The half-zips can wait!

TT - I ordered before the colors were fixed wanting the Red with a black spyder on it (thinking since Black/Red was correctly identified, the Ebony/Red had to be the Red with a black spyder on it). Is there any way I can get the Black/Red shipped instead of the Ebony/Red?

Hi all. I deleted the posts about the colors being wrong so it wouldn’t confuse people entering the thread later… since they’re correct now. Nothing personal. Please don’t hate me. I love you all.

To those that ordered before the photo update:

Check your order details. This will correctly show the one you ordered. (At least I’m pretty sure it will.)

CS is in the process of contacting everyone. You can cancel if you got a color you didn’t want. Just come back here and reorder.


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Anyone familiar with how these fit? I’m a smaller large or a larger medium, don’t want it to be too tight or too baggy

Hello. The pictures have text that identifies them so you can match is the color list. Size S is a Small.

I bought this last year in large and it came to be pretty baggy on me, I would pick up a medium if I were you.

All Spyder stuff runs small. Just as it says in description. I’ve had their items that I liked how they fit when I first tried them on…washed them, and I couldn’t wear them anymore due to just a little shrinkage.

Was there today and think they are same, but more costly at Costco, I think.