Spyder Men's Full-Zip Jacket

Spyder Men's Full-Zip Jacket

These are fakes! The spyder embroidery is wrong, the zippers are not logo’d.

These are not fakes. They were a custom purchase from a large retailer.

Logo Note:* Spyder logo will not have the hourglass symbol on the Spyder as these were originally made for a big box store. These are 100% authentic Spyder jackets


Well Woot has sold non-licensed fake consoles before so most likely these are fake. The Amazon product has the hourglass. I have a hard time believing they would leave the hourglass off on their jacket because it’s for big box stores. Now these look like Tyck jackets. Enjoy your Tyck jacket.

They are not fake. Large retailers (think Costco) work with manufacturers to create large buy custom product. They will make certain changes to control costs. They didn’t all sell so we get them. Yay!


What does the tag look like? Internet says that’s how you can really tell if they’re fake.

:roll_eyes:That’s right, I read it on the internet.:roll_eyes:

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Really makes no sense a company would change their brand logo for Costco, certainly not keeping the same name. If they were sold under the KS brand then I would understand it.

I have purchased Spyder stuff from Costco before and it had the correct logo.

Google searches for ‘Spyder Costco’ also show the correct logo for their clothing.

My theory is these are/were fake, but Spyder was impressed by the high quality (better than the real ones!), so they confiscated them and are now selling them to places like woot as real Spyder brand apparel.

Exactly. I might go to Costco tonight and get more toilet paper for Corona and also check out the emergency apocalypse Spyder ski jackets.

So, do you mean LIKE Costco, or were they supposedly from Costco. Because I have seen Spyder products at Costco with the usual Spyder logo, including the hourglass. Also, why would Spyder keep their name on the product, yet not use their logo, begging for people to think they’re fakes – doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That being said, while perhaps you can no longer get these if they were indeed from Costco, my local Costcos did recently have Spyder jackets on sale for less than these, I believe- I was looking at them because of the great deal they were.

Do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

Like my granny used to say, “That sh#t ain’t legit 'less it’s got a certif!”

I have bought the spyder clothing from Costco and all the sweaters half zip and full zip have the hour glass symbol!

Phil Spidermen?

WHY don’t you get these in XXL???

Not a deal. You can get real ones at Costco for the same price or even less. I miss the OLD WOOT that had awesome deals!

Check the sizing chart; you might be able to get by with an XL. I usually wear a M, but I ordered a S because that was what the chart suggested, and it fits great.

These are better than real.

With or without an hourglass, that is the stuff of an arachnophobe’s waking nightmares, having a giant black spider lurking at the bottom of your field of vision. I was always bitter about not being able to buy any of their ski stuff with a logo that would be visible to the wearer while in use. It’s nice stuff, but I aspire to an ever so slightly less idiocy-heavy cause of death than having caught sight of a black-wolf-widorantula-recluse-funnel-sac-zilla-of-doom out of the corner of my eye mid-mogul :skull:


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I ordered XL and it feels a bit big on me, so you might be okay with XL