Stack-On Safes

I want one of these so a small child or even someone without thumbs can get my gun and kill everyone. Get these the out of here, woot. These shouldnt even be legal…

What other things might you consider putting in a safe?

You know, we could put the kid in there. Would be safer that way.

Be careful which of these safes you get… they may not be as “Safe” as you think they are.

Reviews point to issues with flimsy internals (primarily those made of plastic such as on the ps-5-b). Reviews on Amazon here:

You guys, these boxes with locks on them are PERFECT for distracting thieves!

Put some scrap metal and papers inside one and leave it sitting on a dresser in your bedroom.

While they’re fiddling with that piece of garbage the police can be on their way.

All the while your actual valueables and guns are locked inside a REAL SAFE… A REAL SAFE!
Which can not be found on Woot! at the moment…

Yeah, this is cool until the robber realizes he can take the safe to his secret cave and spend 2 hours opening it up.

I’m tempted to get one just to see how easily they’re opened by me…

that’s because it’s locked away in a REAL SAFE! in an undisclosed location. prolly a secret lair or a denny’s in fresno.

NOTHING! If these safes are easy enough for a small child to open without a key, combo or matching fingerprint, I WOULDN’T TRUST ANYTHING IN THESE! OVERPRICED TIN CANS! Come on WOOT! what about quality???

I just want to point out that these are exactly the safes that were found to be VERY insecure at a DefCon talk this year:

(more info available by googling “stack-on safe defcon”)

Whiskey rocks and those World War DVDs that are always on woot.

I bought one of these on clearance at my local Academy after the last Woot Plus event sold out. I was ready to extol the virtues of the box, but I feel now that I can’t. I really wish I had read the Forbes article beforehand. I think I need to redesign the locking mechanism and retrofit mine.

Just to note. This thing is not being called a SAFE but a BOX

Hey Woot!- after you get rid of these, either by selling out (unlikely, but possible) or making them the bags…er…boxes of crap (oh wait-is that why you’re doing “pieces” of crap now? I know what everybody’s getting!) I’d suggest not bringing these around again. Sure the whiskey stones don’t work as well as you’d hope, but they don’t poison you- that’s a crappy item and sellout.woot worthy; these OTOH are actually dangerous items should somebody store a firearm in them, which is their original intended purpose.

True. Most of these can be opened by placing a belt sander on them, some on their side with a belt sander. Tubular locks are easily defeated by first-time users of tubular lock picks, and the mechanisms for the finger-touch ID only have a few combinations (or can be opened with a coat hangar). Proven by DEFCON 19 video archives, DEFCON 20 demo (might be in archives soon)

Woot copy somewhat implies fire re-tard-ant. Don’t you believe it. The website doesn’t mention it and there are other safes that are fire re-tar-dant, but not available from Woot. (Sorry about the hyphens but Woot keeps changing the spelling of un-hyphenated “re-tard-ant” to “retardant”).

I have friends in low places. I know that many of these safes can be easily compromised in about 30 seconds with little effort. I won’t go into details. But they’re not very secure.

However, the good thing about them is that they’re so small. I think they’d be good for traveling like to be in your hotel room or in the trunk of your car. There are places in most cars where you could fit a small safe, usually in the trunk and spare tire area.

Also, you could hide them within your house in a completely random place that no one would expect to look for. Burglars tend to work quickly and look in the obvious places–don’t have time to raid the home like the FBI.

Personally, I am going to buy one for documents that really aren’t worth anything to anyone but me, such as old journals and such.

But I wouldn’t use them for true valuables or especially guns.

It’s a good deal and a good product–it just depends what you’re using it for.

My dad had a safe bolted down. He decided to store a lot of the valuables elsewhere (safe deposit box, etc), but stored old recordings of my grandma singing, papers, exactly what you’re talking about… Nothing that would be of value to anyone but us. The thieves did indeed think the safe held everything, and ripped up the floor and made off with it (and a few valuables around the house). If you have stuff of personal value like that, back it up.
A friend of mine is a police officer, and his safe is MASSIVE (taller than me). I saw it before it went in, but he had elaborate plans to put it in (under stairs, in a closet, and basically built into the house). He said that’s the only way they’ll actually stop someone.

On another note… Sport woot, though I realize some might store sports items in these, the first thing that came to mind was a sort of shot put competition involving these instead.