Star Wars Insulated Growler (32 or 64oz)

I don’t know if it is the same brand, as the logos on these here appear to be painted on, and the one I got the logo is plunged/etched into the metal then backfilled with an ink(?). Got them FAR cheaper at my local K–rt store.

My brother took a similar growler to the local brewpub to get it filled… they said they weren’t allowed to fill it because it didn’t have the government warning label on it.

It doesn’t appear these have the warning either.

Correct, they do not.

None of the growlers I’ve purchased have the government warning on them and I’ve used them in Washington, Virginia, Michigan, Montana & Oregon (made a cross country trip a few times!). I have both glass ones and HydroFlask ones without.

It’s usually up to the interpretation of the people in the bar. I’m in Michigan and one place actually said they couldn’t fill mine because it didn’t have their label on it, so they put on a sticker. But that was the only place which said that because no one else has put on that restriction.

I tried to order the 64 oz Growler for 34.99 plus 5.00 shipping, but Woot won’t ship to a post office box. Rejected, I went looking for other sources. First stop, Amazon. Imagine my surprise when I find the identical growler for the “Zak Design - Star Wars 3 Piece Set - Growler Bundle Set - One 64 oz Star Wars Growler and Four 16 oz glasses - The Force Awakens” for $32.63. Oh wait, that’s not identical! You get four emblazoned glasses in addition to the 64 oz Growler. For $2.36 less! Oh yes, if you’re a prime member, free shipping. Hmmm. Which to buy? I wonder what I should do? Woot messed up by not offering shipping to a post office box. The time to reflect on an alternate source resulted in more swag for less loot for me. You snooze, you win! Thank you, Woot!