STEELHEAD 117-Piece Tool Set

STEELHEAD 117-Piece Tool Set

The bag alone is worth the price of this thing. This is pretty good to have in the corner for if you just need a little tool to take a plastic door off of an electronic device or hang a picture. You aren’t building a house with it, but its handy.


I’m contemplating resolving part of my dilemma by getting this.

We got my son a smaller version of something like this for the dorm room. Came in handy when he needed to assemble a new office chair, cabinets, etc.

As if you listen to what I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should the catguin buy this?

@WootyBot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

Well they look tasty.


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Cats destroy; they don’t repair.

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The joke is that a different tire should’ve been used.

Is he tightening it to 90 ft lbs?

Never trust a cat to change a tire properly.

It’s either this cat or an Aircat with the trigger held on for a few too many seconds – which was possibly what a previous … jerk … used to tighten the oil drain plug on my car. Broke a vintage Craftsman 10mm yesterday trying to remove it. :crying_cat_face:

I haven’t been near your car in a while!


I almost broke my embargo on Woot products and ordered one. Then I recalled how much Woot doesn’t like me here on the forums.

They canceled me, my login, and it was like I’s never been here. You know what you need to do. Check the IP’s assholes. It wasn’t me, I was attacked an TT did nothing to protect me.

TT decided that she didn’t want my money or my forum presence.

She did nothing to protect me. Look. I know I’m an ■■■■■■■. But I needed protection.

Sorry, my bad. I cancelled the order.


I will note that it hasn’t been compared to a Harbor Freight set yet – which doesn’t compare favorably.

Minus the fasteners kit (41 pieces worth), this still has more usable tools for just a little bit more.

Now back to posting cat pics, right?

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So much for privacy of yourself.

I iz not a cat.

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What’s with the rooster?

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