Fixit Signature Series 69 piece 18V Cordless Drill Set


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Don’t need, but that’s good, because I can finally sneak off to the porch for a cigarette. Don’t sell out too quickly!


sorry, i don’t have any ‘deals’ to offer, but i can say ‘ngh’ :wink:


Brought to you by Skor Grimm

Fixit Signature Series 69 piece Cordless Drill Set
The Woot that made a man out of Mac
$34.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Sure, you look all sassy and smug there behind your special little computer, formatting with your Linuxes or whatever it is you do. But what if your roof sprung a leak directly over that precious machine of yours? You wouldn’t look so smart standing around waiting for some guy to come over and fix it, would you? Isn’t it time to master your physical domain, not just your virtual one?

This Fixit Signature Series 69-piece cordless drill set will have you driving screws, hammering nails, measuring boards and plying everything in sight – all easier than the first screen of Sonic the Hedgehog for Playstation. Woot! is not responsible for injuries arising from improper use, whether of an unauthorized, erotic, or simply incompetent nature. Features include:


* 18V power drill
* Two rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries
* UL listed adapter
* Charger stand
* 6-ft. measuring tape
* 6-in. long nose pliers
* 6-in. diagonal pliers
* 6-in. linesman pliers
* 8-oz. claw hammer
* Utility knife for cutting light materials
* 4-pc. screwdriver set
* 3-way ratchet driver handle
* 1/4-in. socket adapter
* 13-pc. 1/4-in. sockets (5/23” – 17/23”)
* 5-pc. wood drill bits
* 5-pc. H.S.S. drill bits
* 5-pc. masonry drill bits
* 3-pc. drill bit box
* 20-pc. screwdriver bits (slotted, Phillips, hex and star)
* Magnetic bit holder
* 4-in. spring clamp
* Electric tester
* Sturdy storage case 17 1/4×14 1/2×4 1/4”





I took one for the team!!!
besides, I needed a good drill


18Volts needed it to replace my dying 12volt drill

Woot! On


Is this drill variable speed? I’m thinking that when they sold these last time that someone said it wasn’t. C’mon people…buy buy buy!!!


[quote user=“BlindWilly”]I took one for the team!!!
besides, I needed a good drill :)[/quote]

Willy, this ain’t it. Sears has good drills, so does Home D. (Home D, also has cheap ones.) :smiley:



I don’t really think this is taking it for the team… good set. I’ll keep the drill and give all the tools to my girlfriend… she needs some tools in her apartment for when I need to fix stuff.


I took one, for a christmas gift…wow too early to start shopping for Xmas…


They were only 300, and they’re almost gone.



whiner’s list

mac daddy


I would think it would have to be, as it comes with screwdriver bits. Those don’t work too well at 10,000 RPM.

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Two posts on about this item

Reviewer: Neil from Franklin park, NJ
I bought this set couple of months back and have used it extensively. It is not a great value for the money. The claw hammer broke while I was taking out a nail and the ratchet driver worked well a few times, and then it stopped working anticlockwise. The clockwise still works for now. The drill is powerfull but it has only one speed. The case is not sturdy,it is soft and the internal grooves for holding the tools are not great. Tools easily fall out of those grooves. It is a little too overpriced considering the quality of tools in the set.

Reviewer: Leann from Palm Springs/California/USA
This is not a bad set for the price. The drill does not do the jobs that other 18V drills do. I wish it lived up to the voltage rating. Other than that, I was pleased with the kit. It serves most of my functions. Great bang for the buck. You get many pieces that would cost quite a bit to purchase alone.


got one!!! I wanted this last time and blew it… Will be another nice addition to the cabin.