Summer To Fall



Cool this is what I wanted here… in for a sweet one


this doesn’t look like fall, to me…


kinda attractive, but not for wearing.


In 4 1


got one for the wife!

im in


almost sprung for this shirt. good design. as a female though, and there not bein a picture of an actual shirt sporting the design, i’m not willin to risk the sun being located in precisely the wrong location on the torso.


Does anyone else think the yellow outline looks like Greenland?


Snagged one for the wife


i really think this shirt is the nicest shirt they ever had - funniest shirt goes to the chimp smokin the cigar - but this takes the cake as nicest!

good stuff designer - whoever u are


I love the design! thanks woot! This is my first woot ever!


Should I grab this shirt? I haven’t bought a woot shirt yet, but this one seems pretty cool. What do you guys think?



True… I’m not a fan of the shirt, but I do like that the design was offset to the left. Kinda retro. I still see it as a shirt that begs to have the sleeves removed, tho.

Nice circular buttons for your shirt designs, Annie… very professional.


I like watching Survivorman so …ty woot.


this design is in case they screw up alignment on the print…
ha you won’t know!


I wouldn’t buy it if I were you. I haven’t seen a shirt in some time that has been really good. Some of the derby entries were really good, but so far I haven’t liked the ones that one.


Oh poo :frowning: Not to my likinggg!! Maybe next one, ah ~ The new derby entries look okay at least :slight_smile:


survivorman rocks!


Being a female, people are looking there anyway so best not to fret and just do what you want if you like the art. If you’ve bought an American Apparel women’s T, your breasts are accentuated snugly anyway, so you should try the regular (men’s) fit instead if you are worried.