Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw - Walnut

sold out before it even showed up on the site

Otteriffic - just in time for winter (for you Aussies)

well that was fast…

sold with 30% left?

Sold out. What, did they have 1?

Well, darn, these are awesome blankets why would they have only two of them.

Only 2 people shall survive the winter of 2012 now…

Just in time for summer! Will this work with my Mac?

Not even a refurb! Do Not Want!

but I was just about to snap up a Curtis!!!
he says with a straight face

see above

I think you just answered your own question.

Absolutely the WORST item I’ve purchased on Woot. It lasted all of two days; I got in touch with Sunbeam; they informed me I could ship it to them (at my expense) and they would repair it within 4 to 6 weeks.

STAY AWAY! Stay far, far, away.

Good…they’re sold out already.

only 2 sold?
wonder if the buy 3 button would have worked?
didn’t have time to try it.

How does that happen? It seems that some folks have an unfair competitive advantage.

Aw man, I wanted one too!

I got two of these during a woot-off in December. LOVE THEM. I use them everyday, including right now. :3

Wootilizer can take you strait to the buy page, which is posted before the item shows up on the site or in the forums.

I didn’t get the Bee Oh Sea until I caved in and started using it.

Great to have for an under-heated house.
I can keep my home at 62 degrees, hit the on button 15 minutes in advance, and have a warm bed.
Works pretty well so far…