Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit Woot Info Post - it’s a joke, right?

Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit [Bamboo] - $14.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Bamboo Rolling Mat and Paddle, 1 * Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheets - 5 Full sheets, 1 * Extra Fancy Short Grain Rice - 20 oz, 1 * Japanese Style Dark Soy Sauce - 10 FL oz, 1 * Wasabi Powder - 1 oz

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Looks like it’s bedtime for bonzo. I don’t know why I keep hoping for something good; I’ve gone well over my wine.woot limit in the past month and really should just MiB flashy-pen this site out of my brain until Gift Week.

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Some sushi recipe links:

DIY Sushi Recipes

…aaaaand it’s time for bed. Night, y’all.

Got this last time, it’s not kosher. I gave it away.



I don’t eat Sushi and my wife’s pregnant. I think it’s time to go to bed.

10am-12noon ET for the next item which will not last long. I will be at work.

Psssst… Hey folks – take off the blinders. See the big picture. Think about GIFTS!

Would not count on that. IIRC, Radog was still at 86% after an hour or so, and then disappeared.

Enjoy your sleep and what ever else when ever else. God Bless your family.

3 roll combo at benihanna = 12.99 + soda 1.99= 14.98 pre tax/tip

Teach a man to fish set= 19.99

Inability to sue restaurant for ecoli= 1 trillion loss

I’m quite tempted, but then again I’m not risk averse.

So, this is a great idea for a gift. It is actually a lot easier to make your own sushi than you think…

My only thing would be that the ‘wasabi’ powder, is really just a flavor of horseradish powder. It will get the job done, but not true wasabi.

I think this is a great idea for anyone you know who likes sushi, and doesn’t mind a messy kitchen every now and then.

I don’t know. Don’t you need really sharp knives for sushi? I’m not ready to spring for $500 worth of Shun knives to take advantage of my $20 sushi set :wink:

Knives for what? You cut the fish first? :tongue:

got one. stoked!!

Considering this isn’t wine, do I still have to be 21 to buy it? Been meaning to find a sushi set and this is a good deal…