Swann Home Wireless Alarm System

**Item: **Swann Home Wireless Alarm System
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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7/31/2013 - $49.99 (Woot Plus)

Looked away for two seconds

Why must you be so cruel to me Woot?

You can say that again.

this one didnt even make it to my cart!

He who has the fastest ping wins apparently.

How much faster do I need to be? The Place Order button wasn’t even up. I even got into the forum and posted before lichme auto-posted. Seriously there has to be some bots scraping at this point. I’m personally not doing it because I think its sort of scandalous, especially if they are doing multi-accounts.

Got to review your order and it was gone!

ARRRGH! Missed again.

Obviously, the Woot-gods must be displeased with me… I must now appease them with the dance of my people.

Get out the way, we got a Woot Off
We’re pigging out down at the Woot trough
Ain’t gonna stop until the Woot Off is done

You figure you get one Woot per day
And if it’s junk then that’s just the way
But now an avalanche of Woots is released
And where there once was famine we feast

It’s giving me an F5 complex,
Refreshing just to see what’s up next
Checking back to shop for what’s new
I don’t want it but I hope that you do

Cause a new Item won’t come up
Until all of these are gone.

Those are the rules of the Woot Off
We’re pigging out down at the Woot trough
Ain’t gonna stop ‘till the Woot Off is done

Now there’s another item on line
A cell phone with a weird-ass design
How will this thing ever sell out?
This will start a new item drought

Who would ever buy this dumb thing?
The Woot Off is so frus-ter-a-ting
I’m posting in the blog to decry
This thing you couldn’t pay me to buy

Well you could ridicule and signify it
But someone’s gonna have to buy it

Those are the rules of the Woot Off
We’re pigging out down at the Woot trough
Ain’t gonna stop ‘till the Woot Off is done

I’m confused. The first/last buyer just changed from barkkari to that cobra person. Something odd is going on.

EDIT: Must have been looking at the item and not the bag. my bad.

Looks like a old FM/AM radio with that old antenna. I hope they only have one of these and some buys it quick.

I guess at one batty old curmudgeon per item offered, this is creating a lot of excitement at far lower cost than the old 1500 bags at one time…

Has anyone noticed someone getting a BOC that isn’t on the east coast? All the ones I have seen have been on the east coast.

Does anyone know exactly how many bags of crap are on each time? I am hoping there isnt just 1.

It’s just one.

I’ve seen winners from California and Texas.

TT confirmed a single lone bag.

Wow. Really going to wear out the F5 key.

Where are the sales stats for the Bags of Crap?

edit: wow, no filtering of “Bags of Crap”!