Motorola IM Free Handheld Instant Messenger Kit


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No thanks… Where’s the Radio Shark???



I believe this is more items than in any previous Woot-off I’ve seen


Eeew. I reloaded 5000 times for this? bleah.


Wasn’t this wildly unpopular the last time it came through woot? Maybe I’m mistaken.


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Motorola IM Free Handheld Instant Messenger Kit
Verily, Woot! clasped hands with Motorola, to spread harmony throughout the households of the multitudes
$22.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
How about this information age, huh? Now, instead of fighting your kids or younger siblings for telephone time, household battles rage over the right to the PC. The IM generation just can’t live without their emoticons and LOLs – and God help anybody who needs the computer to do something important, like work or trade stocks or draft a fantasy baseball team.

As always, Woot! knows a better way. Motorola’s handheld IMFree device uses your existing internet connection to wirelessly access AOL Instant Messenger from up to 150 feet away. Just hook up the base unit, sign up for a free AIM account, and you or someone you love can IM the days away, even when somebody else needs to use the computer. You can hook as many as seven IMFrees up to a single base station at once. Built-in parental controls can block certain users and chat invitations, limit the times when the unit can be used, or shut the handset off altogether. And IMFree can access and update your current buddy list, and comes loaded with twelve emoticons (the best twelve, really). IMFree at last, IMFree at last, your home computer is IMFree at last!


* Condition: new, factory-sealed box
* Frees up your PC at home so friends and family can use it while you IM others
* Comes with a base that wirelessly connects to AOL Instant Messenger via most broadband services or dial-up connections
* Supports up to 6 conversations from up to 150 feet away
* Supports up to 7 handheld units on each base station
* No monthly fee
* You don’t have to be an AOL subscriber to use IMFree—just sign up for a free AIM account on
* Choose from up to 12 popular emoticons
* Built-in parental controls limit who sends messages to the handheld and can block certain chat invitations
* Parents can disable individual handsets manually, or use the software to set automatic limits on when the handheld can be used
* Can be registered to other base stations (only to 1 base at a time)
* Accesses current buddy list (update and add buddies from the PC)
* 9-line LCD display
* Remote log-on (for some configurations)
* USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible
* Requires 1 of the following operating systems: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home or Pro
* Requires Pentium 266 MHz processor or equivalent, 64 MB of memory and 20 MB of available disk space

Accessories Included

* Base station with USB cable
* rechargeable NiMH battery
* plug-in charger
* user manual

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No need for this… how about some LCD screens? :twisted:


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Maybe next will be an ATI Radeon9800 for 100 clams…Wishfull thinking


this one is going to last awhile… :evil:


Meh, my computer’s 2 feet from my bed anyways.


Not this goofy thing again! Throw it in a BOC!


I hope there’s only 3 available. That way they will sell out in 1/2 hour or so.


That’s the way I remember it, too.
I sure have no use for one. All my doors that I want propped open are already.


Nope, looks like there’s at least 25


Need something useful, like a nap :shock:


won’t last too long. all the new people surely someone will buy it



I guess it’s a good deal if ya still have that isp.