Motorola IMFree Wireless Messenger Kit

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We’re getting reports that some people have received the companion pack insted of the starter pack, the difference being that the companion pack does not have the base unit. It appears at this time to be a relatively small percentage (2300 sold, 10 with the wrong item) getting the wrong item. If you have receieved the wrong item, please send an email to[/quote]

INVIGORWOOTED!™ That feeling you have after getting in on a killer woot deal![;)]

You’ve got WOOT! Motorola IMFree Wireless Messenger Kit $13.99 + $5 shipping



Man o’live! Is this a great wOOt, or what???
That’s what I call a wOOtsie Q’ootsie wOOt!
Nevermind the kidz. One for dad, please, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk.

haha, not again…I don’t think this sold out last time.

just use your computer…this would be another thing that would take away even mor time from my studying[8-)]

Ummm no,

Maybe if iwas a 13 year old school girl with no computer.

They had it at Wal-Mart on Clerance for $10, sorry woot I am going to sit it out on this one. COme on give us BAG of Crap!!!

ga…If I want to wireless message I’ll mime.

If only it were like Trillian and not just AOL…

Is anyone hacking these things yet to do something worthwhile like eject the cd rom or get a beer?

Hey, this is pretty cool if you’re an IM freak! At the school I work at all the teachers IM each other during the day…uh, I suppose we ought to be teaching. shrug

my GF got typhoid 4 weeks ago and she is just recovering… too bad it wasnt up then… still pretty cool for under 20 bucks

Can you actually type on those small buttons? From Amazon reviews, it looks like it’s good for kids. Not for me . . .

[quote user=“notoriouskeef”]Ummm no,

Maybe if iwas a 13 year old school girl with no computer.


but you need a comp to use it

Is like this the poor man’s version of Paris Hilton’s sidekick?

Think I’m 40 years to old for this!

No, poor girl’s.


I remember when these first came out and they were alot more than this, I would say its a good price

Bought this from Tiger for 19.99…well worth it. Frees up the computer for REAL ie MY useless surfing instead of kids “doing their homework”.
It works, but makes a few funny noises.

The only people who should even consider buying this are parents of teenage (or pre-teen) girls. Everybody else, you don’t need it.