Rockford Fosgate WiFi Car/Home Audio Bundle


Wecome to the Woot-off item #47 topic page for this product on Friday, May 6th, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here…




I hit “review today’s woot” and ended up here. I guess it’s been like this all day. I hope the woot off continues :slight_smile:


Odd, different picture than item begin sold…


Get a glove and get in the game


hmm, more of dino?

atleast maybe these will sell out fast, then:



Anyone else got the picture and header for the Rockford Fosgate MP3 Car/Home WiFi bundle above?


that or it’s a very strange looking dinosaur :smiley:


This will probably be the next woot


caption says the car audio bundle is the last item for this woot-off. I CAN SLEEP NOW


I need a vacuum


Well, guess the audio bundle will be up after the dino. I can go watch the game some more.

Or maybe if I buy a dino for $14.99, they’ll send me the audio bundle?


Although it would be funny if people that bought the dino got the audio bundle by mistake.

Edit Spamhead beat me to the punch. and does it hurt. :cry:


I haven’t been able to get to the forum since the end of the spy-car. And a dinosaur being sold with a RF wi-fi bundle listed? Don’t let it end… Keep it coming woot.


Where’s the digital cameras woot :?:


do you think they’ll bring the price down on this? if so I’ll buy it for sure


Was really wanting a BOC… :smiley: :smiley:


Last item of Woot off It can’t be, don’t let it end :cry:


I bought two dino’s just to move this along. At least there is an end to the MADDDDDNEESSS!!!

Now I bought the damn mp3 kit without the home unit, and my dvd,cd player plays mp3 but a HD unit would have been nice add to it.


I buy more to get to next item :lol: ill be your friend till the end :twisted: